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We know how hard it is to find a moving company Calgary with cheap prices and excellent service. Congratulations, you’ve found it. Our movers Calgary can do everything: lifting objects, local move and long distance relocation, carrying weights upstairs, and working with fragile items.

  • Only best movers in Calgary
  • 100% guarantee that your belongings will be safe and secure.
  • Flexible types of payments

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Why do customers trust our Moving Company

professional movers teamNo middlemen

We only work with the best movers in Calgary who are employed at Space Movers Calgary. We carefully select and train our movers. You can be sure that for any task you set, our movers will handle it. That’s why our prices are fair, and you can rely on our best movers.

We work fastfast moving services

Our strong and youthful professionals perform their jobs quickly, efficiently, and professionally. You can forget about cheap movers calgary who “take” their time on your clock. Our crew arrives, gets the job done, and leaves your place!

Moving company Calgary, AB

Space Movers Calgary – we take you from one place to another space. The best moving rates and no hidden fees. Complete our free online estimate or give us a call, today! And we should be happy to provide best moving services ever! 

professional movers teamWe are flexible

Our customers are our priority. You can fill out the “moving estimate” form, and our representative will contact you shortly. You can be sure that we will find the premier options for your relocation and do everything to provide you with the best moving quote. 

professional movers teamFull Service moving

Our best movers in Calgary can handle the most challenging tasks, so you don’t need to worry about oversized objects or staircases. Additionally, we offer packing services that could save you time and money.

What is the price for moving company Calgary – Movers Calgary Prices 2023-2024

We offer moving services at cheap prices, meaning our prices are transparent and do not include hidden fees. Unlike our competitors, you won’t find any extra charges at the end of the move. Our prices are set from the beginning, ensuring you won’t face any unpleasant surprises when paying for our moving service. Space Movers Calgary trying to guarantee every customer the best price to quality ratio, which is why our moving services are cheap and available to everyone.

two movers and a truck

2 movers and Truck $130/hr

Recommended for:

  • Small or Midsize Studio
  • 1-2 Bedroom Apartment
  • 1-2 Bedroom House
  • Small office
  • Pod Loading or Unloading
  • Storage Moving services

$33 per 15 min, after 2 hr. minimum dispatch + $140 truck fee

three movers and a truck

3 movers and Truck $180/hr

Recommended for:

  • Big Studio
  • 2-3 Bedroom Apartment
  • 2-3 Bedroom House
  • Medium office
  • Location with stair access
  • Long walk to the property

$45 per 15 min, after 2 hr. minimum dispatch + $140 truck fee

packing services for moving

Packing Services $130/hr

Recommended for:

  • Saving your time
  • Securing belongings
  • Multi-day movers
  • No personal presence
  • Saving your budget
  • We deliver packing materials

$33 per 15 min, after 2 hr. minimum dispatch, No delivery fee

Usually, the time for your move and your total can vary depending on different factors:

  1. The number of movers. The more movers you will need for your move, the cheaper will be the price per hour. (Compare 3 to 4+ movers rates).
  2. Booking time. Movers Calgary are usually paid by the hour, which includes time for preparation, travel to your location, and other necessary tasks. That’s why we have 2hours min of booking time.
  3. Type of work. Different types of jobs, such as relocation, loading and unloading containers, furniture assembly/disassembly, packing services, etc., may have different prices for moving services.
  4. Extra tasks. If you require additional services, such as purchasing packing supplies from us, using special equipment, or carrying your belongings to the 4th floor without an elevator, these factors could affect your total bill (time).

That is why it’s necessary to contact a professional moving company Calgary like ours. Once you provide all necessary information, we will be able to calculate and provide you with the right rates for the moving services without surprises at the end of the move. After filling out an online estimate through our website, you will receive all the necessary information for your move.

Payment method for moving service in Calgary (or any other locations)

We accept Cashfast moving services

Old school way to pay

Credit or Debit Cardsfast moving services

Most common way to pay

Prepayment*fast moving services

You can pay in advance

The difference between Space Movers Calgary and other moving company

Only our movers

Space Movers Calgary – We do not employ any part time or inexperienced movers. 

Other moving companies – lazy or inexperienced workers.

Only Best Movers

Space Movers Calgary – Only highly trained, experienced professionals work with us.

Other moving companies – Not permanent employees, but work part-time.

Extended working time

Space Movers Calgary – We are always happy to help, even during the late evening.

Other moving companies – Only work during regular hours.

Officially registered

Space Movers Calgary – We are officially registered.

Other moving companies – Have no registrations, can’t provide a receipt.

Do our job efficiently

Space Movers Calgary – We provide our services with pride in our reputation.

Other moving companies – Arrive, cause damage, and leave.

Exelent customer service

Space Movers Calgary – We offer clear and excellent explanations with 90% correct estimates.

Other moving companies – Overprice and have no understanding of the amount of work.

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Space Movers Calgary cheap prices, fast and efficient

However, buying a new house, or moving to a new apartment or office – its stressful but pleasant tasks. It can only be pleasant if all the hard work is done by someone else. On the other hand, it could lead to panic, fear, and a lot of questions that you need to deal with ASAP. What are the options for you to handle everything on your own?

Moving Company Space Movers Calgary offers a wide range of moving services at cheap prices. Whereas, this is the perfect opportunity to get of all the stresses that you can meet during the moving process. By delegating all tasks to the Space Movers Calgary team, you will ensure the safety of your belongings as well as your health. Our professional movers can handle any task, including long distance household transportation, dump runs, loading and unloading containers/trucks, reassembly and assembly furniture services, etc.

Our moving company offers a huge bonus: the relocation services are not limited to 8-hour work shifts and workdays. You have the flexibility to select the time and day that suit you best. This flexibility is particularly important for warehouses and offices, as it allows you to move without interrupting your business operations. We are happy to assist you with all the necessary details upfront. Moreover, you will receive the best moving crew at a cheap price. You will only pay for the time that our crew works, so there are no surprises. Everything is clear.

Space Movers Calgary hire only professionals, who have all the necessary skills, knowledge, and good physical shape to handle any task that you want to see. Our crews always have in stock all necessary supplies, materials, equipment, and trucks to make sure that all relocation will go smoothly and securely. All tasks will be done in the best possible way fast, professionally, and efficiently.

Type of relocation and the movers Calgary prices

We’re all trying to get the best out of life that we can. That’s why people are looking for better places to work or live. There are a few types of relocations; the most common ones are apartment move, house move, or office move. Each of them consumes a significant amount of your personal time, health, and money. That’s why it’s always smart to hire best professional movers.

All office or warehouse move require equipment transportation, relocation of oversized items, or materials. That’s why it’s so important to pick the right truck with the proper equipment. Without experience, it will be pretty challenging for you to decide what kind of truck and equipment you need to use. Space Movers Calgary managers will help you with all of these questions, which will surely save you time and money. Most of our customers agree that we are a pretty cheap moving company in Calgary.

An apartment move or house move might sound like a bit of an easier task, but it takes no less effort and money if you are trying to deal with it without experience. 

Moving service prices – is the most common question that interests all customers. That’s why we want to assure you that our moving services do not cost much! Our manager can help you with our prices, but there are always situations that are hard to predict and calculate.

Factors that lead to moving price formation include:

  • Address of the delivery and travel time.
  • Number of movers needed for your relocation.
  • Packing materials that need to be used for preparation for your relocations. 
  • Number of bedrooms, furniture, and household belongings to be transported. 
  • Walking distance, access to the elevator, narrow hallways, and disassembly requirements.

What are we offering?

Handling the transportation of household belongings and moving-related tasks on your own is very risky without experience. There’s a significant chance of damaging valuable belongings or getting injured. People without experience are unfamiliar with many situations during the moving process. The right choice is to use Space Movers Calgary services, which provide you with movers help to deal with the complex moving process.

Factors that lead to moving price formation include:

  • Property relocation (Local or long distance moving services).
  • Disassembly and Assembly furniture (it will cost you more to buy the right tools or new furniture).
  • Packing services we deliver supplies if you need them (the cost of the supplies is not covered)
  • Transportation of antique ittems, fragile items.
  • Carrying furniture downstairs / upstairs, moving appliances around the house, etc.
  • Loading your truck and helping you secure your belongings (with your supplies).
  • Door-to-door delivery services (we can pick up a few items on the way to you).
  • Dump runs (our cheap junk removal services will save your budget).

These are only the most common moving services that we provide. For all other inquiries, you can discuss them with our manager using the online form.

Availability of the Best Movers in Calgary

In our modern life, some of us have inflexible schedules that may not align with your moving needs. There are always situations when you need to hire a movers, for example, in the late evening. Understanding this, we are prepared to help you out almost anytime (as long as our moving services do not bother people around). 

You can discuss all aspects with Space Mover’s manager upfront. We will ask you to provide us with details such as the size of the property, office, warehouse, access to the elevator, the distance between locations, etc. It is always possible to hire a movers in Calgary with our company. This option is suitable for smaller deliveries in the late evening. Alternatively, you can always hire a movers for the entire day. If the customer is confused and unsure about the requirements, a manager from Space Movers Calgary will always help you with the details for any relocation.

Benefits of choosing Space Movers Calgary

Moving services in Calgary are in demand and very popular. Why? It’s very simple: relocation on your own is very hard and sometimes even impossible. This is accurate for a house move as well as an apartment relocation. Even if you ask your friends or neighbors to help, it won’t work out. For the best moving service Calgary you need experience, equipment, endurance, and agility. That`s why it will be right to contact a professional moving company that provides all moving services from A to Z and does all the job efficiently.

Our company has been providing moving services for many years. And all these years customers have chosen us because we are the best and make our work professionally and fairly. Our best movers on call are always polite and professional. They always follow the company policy and standards.

On the moving date, our drivers plan their route accordingly to create the most efficient way from point A to point B. This means that our drivers will avoid any situations on the roads like traffic and accidents. Space Movers Calgary drivers are also can follow you on the moving truck to the destination address if you know the better route. All our trucks are fully equipped with supplies, moving blankets, and straps. You can be sure that all your belongings will reach their destination in perfect condition. We should mention our moving prices. The moving rates that you will receive during the booking will not change, even if your move is planned a few months ahead.

One more significant bonus is resolving any situation during the move. Pro movers will handle any task in favor of the customer.

Our advantages:

  • The best cheap prices for moving service in Calgary.
  • Taking care of customer belongings. 
  • Flexible moving hours. (We always find a way, not excuses).
  • Full service moving company in Calgary.
  • TOP Quality of service.
  • Full-time movers.
  • Super fast working speed (“I know a mover who is a run during a job”).
  • Individual process for every customer.

The team of a few movers for cash will handle any standard moving relocation. You don’t need to pay insane bills and hire a “hokey” team who will pretend that they work. All our employees follow the company policy and customer requests, in complex it leads to perfect and fast relocation.

Bonuses for regular customers

Repeat clients of our company receive nice bonuses. It’s always a good decision to cooperate with one reliable moving company Calgary. You don’t have to search for a new good crew in other companies to get the new moving task done. 

Our professional movers guarantee a fast relocation process with minimal time consumption. Price movers in Calgary are very reliable. This cost will not be more than your health or the time that you spend with your family. Our prices for movers in Calgary are very attractive for business owners as well – because your time is your money. For every business individual, we will find the best solution and a proposition.

How to book moving service in Calgary

In the situation where you require last minute movers in Calgary – it’s better to do so through our company. Space Movers Calgary offers a wide range of moving services, at competitive prices and a super fast moving process. Everything you need to do to book a move is to fill out the form on our website and our manager will contact you in very short period of time.

In our Free Online Estimate Form, you can choose the preferable Date and Time for your move. Also, you can provide all additional information for your move including the destination, and pick up address. All this combined will Help our manager to provide you with an accurate estimate for your relocation or moving assistance. After your booking process is complete and you have agreed to everything with a manager you can expect Space Movers Calgary crew on the desired date. When the movers arrive, they will deal with every aspect of the moving process, so you have nothing to worry about. 

We do provide appropriate transport for your move so you don’t have to worry about that some of your belongings being left behind. Space Movers Calgary operates 26-foot trucks, size of which should be enough for any type of property (up to 4+ bedroom house, of course, it depends..). At the new place, all your furniture and belongings will be set up in the places and levels that you want. Our crew will also reassemble everything that they took apart. Only after the job is done and the truck is empty our crew leader will proceed with payment.

Keep in mind that it’s always better to book a move a few weeks ahead. But when you need help with last-minute moving service Calgary – Contact Us, and we will be happy to help you if we can (in 90% it’s possible to find some time spot). Our main goal is the happiness of our customers.

Professional moving service in Calgary is your benefit

Space Movers Calgary is a cheap company that provides the best moving service in Calgary, Alberta. Our team is ready to take on any tasks that you have. It could be a local move or long distance relocation, we always provide stress-free, secure, and fast transportation services.

  1. Professional relocation: When you choose our moving company Calgary, you choose professional movers, who makes any relocation way less stressful. We are offering load and unload furniture, personal belongings, packing, and unpacking services to make your move comfortable and secure.
  2. Transportation: Our movers specialize in the secure transportation of any type of goods and products. We take responsibility for the transportation of appliances, furniture, construction materials, food, and other goods so you can be sure that your cargo will be safe. 
  3. Efficient load and unload: Our novers know how to load and unload the moving truck, so you can be sure that your cargo is placed and transported in the safe manner. 
  4. Furniture assemble professionals near me: If you have furniture that needs to be taken apart or you want to put it back together our movers have all the necessary skills to do that. We take care of professional assembly beds, dressers, tables, and other furniture.
  5. Gym equipment transportation: Our movers have excellent knowledge of how to assemble and disassemble treadmills, gym racks, ellipticals, etc. So all your equipment can be transported in a fast and efficient manner.
  6. Packing and securing your belongings: Space Movers Calgary guarantee that all your belongings will be packed and transported in an appropriate way to avoid any damages on the way to your new place (with our truck and supplies).
  7. Storage services: If you are looking to store your belongings during vacation or while you are in the process of buying a new house, we are definitely can help you with that. Because of our excellent rating, we have partnerships with different storage facilities that could offer discounts to our customers.
  8. Long distance moving services: Space Movers Calgary specializes on long distance transportation around Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. Our flat rates moving definitely meet your expectations.
  9. Last minute moving services: We are always ready to help you out in all unexpected situations. Even then we guarantee efficient, fast, and secure moving assistance.
  10. Mount and unmount special equipment: We can help you with assembly and disassembly of different types of equipment. 
  11. Dump run: Space Movers Calgary is happy to serve you with the utilization of old furniture, appliances, some construction materials, etc. to the dump side. Our prices are way less than the companies who specialize in dump runs and our trucks can handle 2 times more stuff. Simple moving – this is the way to save time and money for new furniture.
  12. Partnerships with businesses: We are ready to work with businesses in most types of delivery services. We do provide competitive flat rate prices and excellent client service.
  13. Drivers: Space Movers Calgary could provide you with drivers, that can help you with transporting your belongings using your car or truck. You can get drivers help as simply as booking a move with us. 
  14. Movers: Space Movers Calgary could provide you with movers without a truck. In case you need to move some items around the house, help with a load or unload, etc.

We are proud of our experience and professionalism. Our customers can rely on us in all kinds of moving situations, always knowing that they are in the right hands. No matter if you need help with relocation or any moving services, we are always ready to help you reach your goals.

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