We are the best moving company in Calgary area. We offer the best service you can ask for. Best moving company in Calgary for a good reason – our team work hard untill the very last minute. Having lots of year of experience allows us to manage any situation, satisfaction guaranteed. Space movers is a company that will deffinetly bring a smille on your face. Being so responsible and cautios with your belonings it relieves stress and makes moving day fun and easy. We do our best as a team to make sure everythig goes well during your move and that you’re happy at the end.

There are short principles that Space Movers always follow.

We are always HONEST! Our price is honest. We DO NOT overcharge our clients. You will be charged based on the amount of hours the move took.

CLARITY  – we do not have hidden fees all information about the prices is on our website! There are tons of companies who charge you extra, we don`t like unexpected things!

JUSTICE – Our crew will always take care of you like a family member. We hope you will do the same!

Talking about Space Movers crew:

1. All our professional movers are with several years of experience. We do not hire movers with zero or with minimal experience, like other moving companies do. In 90% of the time when you book a move with another company, you will likely get unexperienced movers.

2. Space movers have tricks on how to make a move seamless and officient. We are always trying to improve the job that we do.

3. Effective work from every person in our team. You will be surprised how self-motivated our workers are! It doesn’t matter how long or hard your move is, even after 12 hours of work every member of our team will be doing the perfect job with a smile on their face. 

4. Respect to the clients.