Every day hundreds of people ask themselves one simple question: should I hire professional movers, affordable movers Calgary or try to move my household on my own? And here, at Space Movers, we believe that it’s a tricky topic that needs to be covered to make a smart moving choice. Let us answer the most popular questions customers might have when thinking about hiring moving companies Calgary. 

Most professional moving companies Calgary have their rates set up anywhere from 99$ to 180$ for 1 hour of service (for 2 professional movers). However, different affordable movers Calgary might have additional requirements and fees to book with them. These might be: minimum hours requirement, travel time charge, fuel surcharge, distance from point to point fee, fees for the stairs, etc. 

Space Movers Calgary has their pricing policy made as simple and reasonable as possible. Our standard rate for 2 professional movers is: 120$ for 1 hour, minimum booking is 2 hours + a one-time truck fee which covers fuel, supplies, and packing materials (tape, stretch wrap, and moving blankets) used for your move. If there is anything heavier than 220lbs to be moved sometimes (but not necessary) an extra heavy fee might be applied. 

Space Movers Calgary does not imply any other fees or hidden charges. Our pricing policy is fair and transparent, so you are always aware of what to expect.

This is truly something that depends on the level of professionalism of movers in Calgary you are looking to hire. Space Movers Calgary has only professional movers on our team. As a result, the whole process takes way less time rather than hiring affordable movers Calgary or moving on your own. Not talking about possible damage to you or your furniture while trying to move everything by yourself

The chart is made based on the 2 movers option + big moving truck, from min to max. It depends on the walking distance to the truck, floor, elevator, and amount of disassembly/reassembly, amount of items. 

1-bedroom apartment: $340 – $580

2-bedroom apartment: $580 – $820

3-bedroom apartment: $700 – $940

1-bedroom townhouse: $460 – $700

2-bedroom townhouse: $700 – $940

3-bedroom townhouse: $820 – $1060

1-bedroom house: $580 – $700

2-bedroom house: $700 – $940

3-bedroom house: $820 – $1300

4-bedroom house: $940 – $1420

Finding affordable movers could be challenging nowadays. Usually, customers get attracted by colorful ads with so-called “honest prices”. As a result, you are risking wasting money on hidden fees and charges. Additionally, the level of service and liability of some companies might not meet your expectations as well. 

Space Movers Calgary does not charge you extra for travel time, amount of stops, size of the truck, stairs, additional insurance, or something else. If you are searching for affordable movers Calgary along with high standards, – we are your best option! 

Usually, professional moving companies in Calgary practice flat rates for long-distance moves. That price included every aspect of long-distance relocations, such as fuel expenses, manpower, amount of hours required, mileage of the truck, etc. The price for your destination is based on these details, along with the other aspects taken into consideration. 

Space Movers Calgary are proud to be long-distance movers high in demand. Long-distance moves take almost 30% of our average workload during the month. And it is not a surprise as booking affordable movers for a long-distance move is an impressive achievement. 

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