Cheap movers Calgary: myth or true?

If you go to the internet and will try to find affordable movers Calgary, you will be surprised how many cheap movers Calgary propose their service almost for free. But we are sure that the first question that you will ask is – should I trust cheap moving companies? And if these affordable movers Calgary reasonable for real? Let`s find out how to behave if: 

You see advertisements for moving companies with extremely low rates

Everything might go smoothly at the beginning of the move. Suddenly when it’s time to unload the truck those “affordable movers” gonna ask you to pay extra as this service was not included in the basic charge. Also, another widespread way of misleading the customers is to mention the service fee for only 1 professional mover. When the work obviously can not be completed with such a limited workforce. When you see an article from a moving company that proposes you an extremely low rate, it’s better not to follow it. Sadly, but a lot of moving companies could charge you extra at the end of the move. The reasons could be different. They can claiming additional cost for moving supplies, heavy weighted items, or even additional pay for the number of stairs that movers have taken! And in total, you will pay way more for that cheap moving services, because these hidden fees will be relevant if not higher that the current market.

Somebody highly recommends affordable movers Calgary

We always try to find some reliable recommendations from aside that could possibly help us. It’s always good to use a piece of advice from someone that you know. Especially if the person already has passed actual experience that you need to meet. “I know very good cheap moving services Calgary, you should use this company!”. Don’t rush to book the move online right after you heard that. First of all, ask your friend how long ago he used that particular moving services. Maybe it’s been a while and his cheap moving companies are already not so “budget” and not so “friendly”. Another hint is to know the names of the exact crew members who provided your friend with the moving services. You aim to get reliable movers, not a brand name. Some companies cut off good movers and replace them with the less expensive workforce with no background as soon as they became somehow stable. In other words: we would recommend you book a particular crew, not just brand services.

You decided to hire cheap movers Calgary from a marketplace website 

Marketplace websites usually offer you a bunch of privately listed ads about moving and packing services. And even if the pricing proposed may seem quite seductive, you should always remember coupe key moments. Firstly, when you hire a professional moving crew you will definitely save your budget. Professional movers have years of intense experience, they know how to move things fast and securely. For example, Space Movers will not be wasting time taking 15 boxes / 15 times, as we always keep our pace efficient. Secondly, there is a strong chance of being scammed by amateur movers as they are mainly interested in making a profit without any commitment. Finally, you could face great financial losses in case those “movers” simply will not show up on time which is a very common situation. Our movers will not waste your time pretending to have trouble with taking out your sofa, they did it countless times before. Space Movers crew will not bother you seeking advice or looking for help. Our professional movers know exactly what they need to do in any related situation and how to overcome possible obstacles. 

Last but not least, if you’re looking for any additional information there is no need in waiting on hold while calling the office. Our crew leaders are able to answer all of your requests and concerns right away! 

We always do everything to make your move comfortable and provide as cheap moving services as possible, as your satisfaction is our main priority! Space Movers: we definitely can take you from one place to another space!