Moving to a new house is always an exciting and important event. But the whole process starting from packing up your household to reassembling your furniture may be frustrating as well. No wonder the majority of people seeking help from professional moving companies Calgary, AB to handle their move with the efficiency their ads promise. And what is important as well – for a reasonable price with Space Movers

Unfortunately, there’s a potential drawback that most people do not consider – hidden fees and extra charges in moving process. As Space Movers have more than 10 years of working experience in the industry. As well as being employees of other moving businesses in the past. Let’s dig deep into the “shadow zone” of unspoken surcharges you can possibly encounter with while hiring a professional moving companies Calgary. 

1. **Packing supplies fee:**

Local moving companies Calgary, AB usually provide soft moving blankets, tape, and stretch wrap needed for the safe move of your furniture free of charge. 

For example, at Space Movers the cost of all possible packing supplies included in our truck fee (one-time payment of 100$). Along with that, we do provide complimentary wardrobe boxes for our customers to use. But this is rather an exception than a common practice. In case you would like to purchase a plastic mattress cover – there is a possibility of purchasing one for a reasonable price directly from a crew representative (and it is optional). 

Sadly, not all professional moving companies in Calgary are transparent about this aspect of the moving process. Unfortunately, you might receive not very pleasant surprise at the end of your move by seeing 20/100$ added to your total bill. 

What to do? There should be a mention from the company about what moving supplies they are planning to use free of charge. Always is a great idea to ask about it in case you might have any additional requests. In our experience, there was no moving company to provide boxes and bubble wrap free of charge. In case you are expecting to have those – is better to make this request ahead of time to receive a response from the movers. This will help you to make a right and informed decision on which company to go with. 

2. **Extra charges “moving” for stairs or elevator:**

That’s right, some professional moving companies Calgary are charging significantly more for the amount of stairs the crew needs to take in order to complete your relocation. In our personal experience, one of our customers received an additional 450$ just because of the fact that the apartment was located on the 3rd floor. 

What to do? Always specify which floor are you looking to move from/to in order to avoid extra charges. Space Movers do not have extra charges in moving services for the stairs for regular residential or office moves. However, your flat rate for moving extra heavy objects depends on this fact. For example, if you are looking to move 400lbs safe to a 4th floor of a residential building with no elevator). 

3. **Extra cost for a time of the month:**

This is so far one of the most ridiculous schemes some local moving companies in Calgary, AB use, – sad but true. Extra charge for “the end of the month” dates, holidays, or even weekends knowing that these days are high in demand. You can see this situation pretty often. Local moving companies advertise as “the most affordable compared to others”. For example, 99$ for 1hr, no minimum for hours to book and so on. After receiving the quote it is clear that their rates are not even close to what you expected before. Typical excuses are: it’s the end of the month, it’s the beginning of the month, it’s a working day rate, it’s for the sunny weather only, etc. The sad part is that there is literally no mention of that detail neither in the ad, nor on the website. 

What to do? It is very unlikely that someone from an honest and respectable company will divide the rates for their moving services based on the date or period of time. If the moving company which stated one rate on their website provides you with completely different figures in the quote, – it is better NOT to go with their services. The chance for you to be significantly overcharged for the move is tremendous. 

4. **Fuel/Gas fee:**

While gas expenses are typically included in the initial estimate, some moving companies in Calgary might impose additional fuel surcharges. Especially in cases when there are unplanned delays and additional stops, not mentioned in the original request. At Space Movers, we include these expenses (along with the cost of supplies) in our truck fee – a one-time payment of 100$ we do require on top of an hourly rate. This fee is valid for Calgary local moves only, and increases outside the city line because of the mileage. 

What to do? Please clarify the company’s fuel charge policy prior to making arrangements, as well as mention the additional stops you might need. 

5. **Insurance Fee:**

Regular insurance coverage usually is included in the standard moving rate. Some professional moving companies in Calgary offer an extended policy. Typically available for purchase for extra money. Based on our experience, this practice usually makes no significant difference as the average minimum claim starts from 1000$ in damages, and there are plenty of additional circumstances to be present in order to be qualified for that. Space Movers Movers company has standard cargo insurance, as well as willing to resolve any possible issue with customers in person because that’s how any responsible business should behave. 

What to do? We would definitely recommend choosing a company, that positions itself as an honest and transparent business in the sense of taking any kind of responsibility. Moving with a responsible company with no third parties involved is almost always more secure. Even when something unexpected happens it is going to be much easier to resolve a problem directly with the management. 

6. **Extra heavy/appliance charges:**

In our personal opinion, this practice is totally normal and we do have an additional fee for any extra heavy item (250lbs+). At the moment it is 40$/item. It is a very low rate comparing to the other offers on the market. Usually, it is from 80$ to 200$ per item). Moving extra heavy items like refrigerators, freezers, washers or dryers requires knowledge, specific physical shape, and sometimes even special tools and equipment. Also, there is a common situation when movers need to disconnect the appliances prior to moving them. Some moving companies have additional fees for providing these services. 

What to do? Space Movers Calgary always mentions this charge in the initial quote for the customer to make an informed choice. Please be aware, that items like a piano, fridge, freezer, gun safe, pool table, heavy BBQ, and marble top table should be in the request, as the crew needs to prepare to accommodate it. Moreover, some movers might not work with some items (for us, for example, it’s pianos and objects over 450lbs).

7. **Additional manpower fee:**

Unfortunately, while trying to get a customer or close the deal some moving companies in Calgary tend to intentionally underestimate the workload and, consequently, the total cost of the move. Eventually, when it comes to the move itself the problems arrive. After that, the team leader or crew member persuades the customer to add additional movers in order to complete everything on time. Of course, not complementary.

What to do? Here is a quick example from Space Movers of how many movers you will need to complete the move in a timely manner. It is 2 movers for a 1/2 bdrm apartment, 2/3 for a 2/3bdrm apartment or house. Please note that situations may vary and each and every move might require an individual approach (considering the distance and other circumstances). Our example is valid for a team of professional movers, and if they are not – we promise, you will not want that 🙂

8. **Power lift gate fee:**

A liftgate is a mechanical lift that you can typically find in the back of the box truck. Movers use it to lower the items from the truck. Some local moving companies charge for this service from 45$ to 250$, which Space Movers can not relate to. Sometimes if you did not provide the details of your move beforehand and the usage of a power tailgate is necessary you might find an additional charge added to your total bill. 

What to do? Always remember that some of the trucks do not have lift gates. This might cause some serious delays and unnecessary expenses. In case you are aware that your household contains some oddly-shaped and heavy items we would recommend letting the moving company know about that in order to make an informed decision. 

All in all, while most local moving companies provide truly great and professional services. It is important to make sure that you are aware of all possible obstacles that might lead to unexpected price growth. A transparent pricing policy, efficient planning, and open communication about the terms and conditions. This will definitely help you on the way to your new home, avoiding any possible shady fees and charges you can’t predict on your own. Space Movers Calgary is here to make your relocation easy, affordable, and as smooth as possible. Get a free quote today to start your exciting journey today!