Frequently Asked Questions 

Need help with furniture transportation / Move only furniture

Are you looking for a moving company in Calgary nearby? A lot of people have a bad experience with not experienced movers, who did move a furniture couple of times (or some of them can do the move the first time in their life). Finally, you are in the right place, we do moving every day, for years, and our crew worked in high-rated companies in Canada. 

For Space movers, there will be no problem transporting any kind of furniture from one place to another. The size of the items or the price is not an issue for Space movers. If you need help with assembly or disassembly some items for you, we will be happy to help. On the day when movers will arrive with a car, they will have all the necessary packing materials and tools. Furniture transportation in a few steps: 1) accurate disassembly and assembly of furniture; 2) packaging of parts and accessories in a specially designed packaging material; 3) careful loading into the car and unloading; 4) and, in fact, the transportation itself.

You can always change your plans when the movers will arrive, our team is always flexible with your requests and easygoing.

How many hours take the move with a professional team?

To load a 26’ truck fully it usually takes 4 hours + 3 hours to unload + driving time from one location to another. But of course, everything depends on the inventory list that you have, amount of boxes, rooms in your house or apartment, distance to the truck, etc. Every move is different, but some of them are the same. If you provide to the manager (while you book the move) all correct information about the amount of stuff that you have, book elevators (if you had to do so), and provide the closest spot where Space movers could park the truck there will be no surprises with the price. The price for the move will be the same that we announced in advance or less.

What locations can reach Space Movers company?

Space Movers offers affordable moving services in the Calgary area or across Canada without any trouble.

We offer moves to these locations (but not limited to):

Alberta: Airdrie, Chestermere, Okotoks, High River, Cochrane, Red Deer, Edmonton, Lethbridge, etc.

British Columbia: Kamloops, Vancouver, Kelowna, Victoria, Abbotsford, White Rock, Nanaimo, etc.

Saskatchewan: Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, etc.

Can I order a move at night?

Space Movers are always very flexible to the requests that our clients have. We do understand that most people need to work during the daytime and your weekends are busy too. That’s why you can order a moving service for the evening or at night with Space Movers. Especially if it’s an office move or business relocation, we can offer you moving services at night, so your employees can start working in the morning. 

Can I order a move for only one item?

Yes, of course. But we have a minimum charge for 2 hours +$100 truck fee, which in total will be $340+GST for two movers and a truck. For more details, you always can call our office.

I don't have enough time to prepare everything for the move, any advice?

We do have a packing service that Space Mover provides. In another case, if you don’t have a lot of stuff and time there is good advice for you. Put all your belongings in the boxes and garbage bags and don’t worry about furniture at all, after call us and book a move. Space Movers will do the rest of the job for you fast and efficiently. When our movers arrive they will dismantle your bedroom furniture and pack the rest of the stuff.

What is a truck fee?

The truck fee contains expenses that our company spends on gas due to transportation. Moving supplies that all our crews have: soft moving blankets, dollies, bungee cords, tools, and packing materials that help to get as much protection as possible. 

Do I need to pay for the breaks or lunchtime that movers take?

Absolutely no. When movers do water breaks they stop a timer so you don’t pay for it the same as a lunch break. Usually, movers do one-stop for 2-5 minutes every 1.5 hours to refill the energy and not get tired in long term. Running the stairs with a load could be a bit hard sometimes:)

How I can help movers?

Our Space Movers crew always has a plan on how to do any relocation fast and efficiently, so it’s better to ask the team if they need your help with something. They will never ask you to carry something heavy, but sometimes taking a bed apart could be a good plan to get the job done faster. You always can propose to guys a bottle of water or coffee to make them happy during the move, especially in the summer. Talking about drop-off location, you better always be nearby to the tell movers where everything goes.