When you planning long distance moving you can get a lot of emotions. Some people feel stress before far relocation. Others could be very excited before long distance move journey. The new beginning is always good, but don’t let your emotions be over you. Preparation is key for a successful long distance move.

Space cross country move advices

We decided to save you time and do research and combine it with our experience to help you get useful tips about cross country move. It is not something that you definitely should do. But following current recommendations, you definitely save time & money.

As we mentioned before – preparation is key.

Almost everyone in our world uses notes on a daily basis. Our memory is not perfect and when we have a lot of things to do, it’s normal to miss something. While it’s okay to forget to buy ketchup, you really don’t want to forget something before long-distance move preparation. First of all, make notes on your phone about what you need to do upfront for a long distance move. As one of our movers said, “Organization means organization”. In other words, it’s very simple, just write everything, anytime, and check it after.  

Book a long distance moving company upfront.

Space Movers will recommend you call our office right after you decide to do a cross country move. In this case, you will get the 100% day slots that you desire. As a bonus, by booking our long distance moving company upfront you get a fixed price. Yes, the price will not change even if you book a cross country move half a year upfront. So, call us now, or book a move online and the first step is done! We also provide the best price for a long-distance move, so don’t wait too long.

Packing for long haul moving

For everyone who decided to do the packing of the house for the first time – it’s a very time-consuming task. Especially for one person. Space Movers have a packing service option, feel free to contact us. Looking for answers about packing?

How many moving boxes do I need to pack all my belongings?

 – It really depends on your property type. The best advice here will be – just to start packing the house from one room. In case you want to buy boxes upfront, buy 10 boxes of each size. After you are done with all the boxes, you will see how many extra you need.

Do I need special packing materials for a long haul moving?

You can use soft materials from your home for fragile items. But modern packing materials, that you can find in the home retailer shops, are way more flexible. At least for the kitchen, it’s better to buy some packing paper and bubble wrap.

What sizes of boxes are the best for the movers?

Professional Space Movers can deal with any boxes, and pack any item like a puzzle. Personally, for you, we would recommend next. Small boxes for kitchen heavy goods and books. Big boxes for items that didn’t fit in other boxes, mixed with other belongings. Average boxes you can use in packing for everything else.

For long distance move, you need to get a lot of labels

Space Movers will recommend you put labels on everything. Read more: Usefull advices for moving day

Just finished packing a random box? Put a label on it! Dresser is empty? Label it too! Closes in the bag? Label! It’s pretty funny to see how house become covered with colorful labels. The idea is not to lose items that are good to go. And of course, after cross country move will be done – you’ll easily find where everything is.

Done with boxes? Eat cookies and go to the furniture.

Now, when all dressers are empty, it’s the perfect time to do the two next steps. First of all double check if you really took everything out. It’s a common situation to find something in one or two drawers. The second step is to decide if you really want to take all the furniture with you. Long haul moving is like the next part of your life, where almost everything is new. We all have a favorite chair, but sometimes it’s time to move on. Take your time, take a look at all the furniture and decide. Really want to take everything in a cross country move? Put a label and wait for us:)

What to leave something behind?

You can always love your favorite chair, but if you move to another place not alone it could be not only your choice. Sometimes you want to take something and your partner doesn’t. Ask your partner to sell an item. In the new place, you will buy something new instead. Need help moving something around, call Space Movers.

Now you are ready for a long distance move. It wasn’t that scary right?

We all know that in words it sounds way easier than in life. But if you have enough time, step by step everything will be done (Need a move tomorow, dont worry – Last minute move). And soon you will be in the new place that becomes your new cozy home! Space Movers provide packing and moving services and we will be happy to help you in your journey. Let’s move together to your new space!

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