How to book a moving company in Calgary with Space Movers

book a moving company

Here, at Space Movers, our main goal is to organize everything in the way our customers are over the moon with the moving services we provide. At the same time, we do understand that more than half inquiries we receive daily are first-time customers. When moving for the first time in your life even a “book movers” procedure seems a bit confusing. Let Space Movers describe and clarify the process of booking with us to make things coherent and transparent. Get a free online moving estimate with us to book movers in Calgary.

Before the inquiry about moving within Calgary

To contact us about the moving services we provide in Calgary area, there are several ways how to contact our representative:

Visit our website at

Navigate to the contact section, located at the bottom of our main page. There you can find our contact number, email address, and hours of operation. There are multiple blue buttons you can click on, in case you would like to contact us right away (Call now). Our rates, as well as other important details, are listed on our website’s home page. To find out the most necessary information about our charges and services we offer you might want to check it out!

Visit our Google Business Page

Please type in the search bar “Space Movers Calgary” and in less than a second you will see our business page. It is extremely useful in case you would like to read some reviews before initiating first contact. At Space Movers, we strive for excellence, and for each and every customer we go above and beyond. Thereafter, there are hundreds of satisfied customers of ours, who do not hesitate to recommend us to their colleagues, family and friends. By exploring different sections of our Google page you might find our telephone number, a link to our website, a list of services we provide and basic rates.

Check out our social media profiles

At the moment we do have a Meta (Facebook) page named “Space Movers”, as well as an Instagram account named “”. There you might explore our media files, such as photos and videos capturing our crew, vehicles and the moving process itself. Also, you might find some professional advice and articles about moving within Calgary, preparing for it, important details to be aware of, etc. Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times, and our moving company is not an exception!

First contact regarding moving within Calgary

After exploring our resources you might want to speak to Space Mover’s representative. There are multiple ways how to inquire about your move within Calgary estimated cost. The most common ones are: requesting a free online estimate or giving us a call at 587-969-6757. Let’s explore what option might be better for you and the reasons behind it:


This by far is the most efficient and easy way to inquire about the move you are planning to make. If you are getting anxious (as many people in general tend to get) no worries! It is not necessary if you are looking to get a free moving quote from us. More than 75% of Space Mover’s bookings are confirmed with no telephone conversation. Let’s celebrate the positive sides of living in the 21st century together! 

Requesting a free moving quote from us is extremely easy. Visit our website and click on the top green button “FREE ESTIMATE” which will bring you to a short form to fill. We do not require a massive ton of information from you, such as an inventory list, the floor you are moving from and to, etc. You will need to fill out: your name, email, number, and type of real estate you are moving from as well as pick up and drop off addresses. That’s it! Optional fields are: if you have any objects that are more than 220 lbs in weight and additional details you would like us to know. It takes about ⅔ minutes to complete all the fields and submit the form for our specialist to look at.

online moving estimate

“Free online moving estimate”

FIRST CALL requesting more info

While making a phone call, be prepared to provide our agent with essential info.

These might be: the desired moving date, addresses, any specific requirements and details. Our representative is able to provide you with the information about our hourly rates, and approximate total. 

After any telephone conversation, we would like to politely ask you to fill out the form online. Only after eliminating any spelling mistakes in addresses, dates and other important details Space Movers will provide you with a written quote. That is the exact reason behind the “FREE ESTIMATE” request through our website being the most efficient one. This is the necessary step in our booking process, which is required to be completed no matter the method of contacting our office.

MESSAGE US through social media

You can send us a direct message through any social media of your choice. The only thing to be aware of is that sometimes we receive a notification with a slight delay. To receive a quick and informative response we would recommend submitting a free moving quote request or a phone call.

❤️ The difference between local and long distance pricing for the move:

While your total cost for the move within Calgary is calculated according to an hourly rate + truck fee, Space Movers usually offers an individual flat rate for the moves starting/ending beyond the city of Calgary limits.

1. RECEIVE AN EMAIL with a FREE MOVING QUOTE for your Calgary move request

After submitting a form you will receive your free moving quote. This letter will also cover the most important details and terms such as: our rate, the estimated time, other charges that might apply to your move within Calgary. So it is extremely important to fill out the correct information before submitting a form. Mentioning a “one bedroom apartment” instead of “two bedroom townhouse” will not complete your move faster than it should be 🙂 So please, provide us with the correct information to ensure your move is stress-less and is completed with full efficiency.


At Space Movers we do require a security deposit to be made. This security deposit is non-refundable only in case of late cancellation (less than 48 hours prior to the move). Luckily, so far we have 0 cases of this charge applied. This is not an extra charge, and the amount of security deposit is excluded from your total (used towards your move). You can provide this payment via Interac or online checkout. 

Why do we need to take a security deposit? The reasons behind it are quite simple. Firstly, both parties (our company and the customer) feel more committed to fair and transparent relationships through using our moving services. Secondly, to provide your move with all the necessary supplies, vehicle and manpower we allocate those resources. Moreover, we are forced to decline all the potential customers who are looking to move at the same time as you. If you cancel with no prior notice we can cover at least some of the losses and expenses. 

Security deposit helps to keep our schedule organized, and to weed out inconsistent or mixed requests. We do have an experience of confirming the bookings without a security deposit, and to say at least – it did not turn out to be a positive experience for the business.


As soon as your security deposit is received – that’s it! Your booking is confirmed and we will send you a confirmation email shortly. In that email will be mentioned the amount of funds received as a security deposit, your booking time and the date. The preparations for your move have just started!


Questions, comments, concerns, even fears caused by previous negative experiences with other movers? No matter what, you are more than welcome to contact our agent to address all your needs and receive answers. Space Movers are proud to be one of the top-rated moving companies in Calgary, and there are good reasons behind.

Usually, we do not send any reminders or messages prior to your booking as WE ALWAYS SHOW UP. There is no situation possible when the crew does not arrive, so there is no need to worry about that. But again – you are more than welcome to give us a call for peace of mind.

book a movers

“Book a movers in Calgary”

That is it! Only 4 important steps: filling out the form, receiving a free quote, providing the security deposit and receiving a confirmation stands between you and a smooth and pleasant moving experience. Moving within Calgary has never been easier with Space Movers! Join the rest of our satisfied customers to receive top-notch moving services for a truly affordable price.

What are the minimum hours of labor I can book with Space Movers?

At the moment minimum booking is 2 full hours.

How far in advance I should book my move within Calgary?

We would suggest booking your move with us at least 2 weeks before the desired date.

How can I confirm my booking?

We do require a security deposit of 100$ for the local lives, and 200$ + for the long distance moves to avoid last minute cancellation.

Do I need to pay the security deposit?

Yes, unfortunately, we are not able to confirm your date and time without a security deposit. This measure maintains an efficient and organized schedule, especially during the peak season.

Do you offer different truck options?

Space Movers operate only big modern 26’ trucks in order to ensure all of your belongings are picked up in one truckload. This helps to keep your move with us affordable and efficient.

How can I pay for the move?

We do accept debit, credit or cash payments only. We do not accept cheques or any other type of delayed payment for the move.

Do you provide boxes for my move?

No, we do not provide any boxes in case you are looking for moving services. Moving boxes are available for an additional cost in case you are adding the packing services. However, you can request a complimentary usage of wardrobe boxes when moving with us.

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