When you want to move out from one place to another space you usually will get the same challenge. Should I disassemble furniture? Often people get stuck on this question because this process requires a lot of physical effort, experience, and patience. Without exceptions, you need to have the necessary tools and, of course, enough time to complete the work. It’s very easy to do something wrong without knowledge and for your upset, it could be hard to fix.

Space movers could give you two options on how to make your move easier for both sides.

First one. If you have some experience in assembling or disassembling furniture – sure you can do it by yourself. Especially when it is easy to do so. For example, some beds holding on the hooks, and all you need to do is to push the planks up. Talking about mattresses or spring boxes, you can just lean them on the wall near the bed.

Talking about all furniture in general, everything that could fit through the door – no need to disassemble. But try not to forget the elevator or staircase that Space Movers will be using. Sometimes it’s hard to fit inside for example office desks that have an L shape.

Let`s imagine that you have no problems taking apart and assembling any type of furniture, but you are not sure whether should you do it or not. Our recommendation will be next, just leave everything assembled until the Space crew will arrive. In the beginning, do a walk thru and show them everything, asking if Should I take apart this or that? If the answer will be yes, be sure, that our crew will take care of all stuff that you have while you can disassemble stuff that will not go in one piece. And we will be happy to help you if you need soo.

Second one. Dismantling furniture by movers. 

Usually, people trying to save money and prefer to disassemble and assemble furniture on their own. It’s not a bad idea if you have some experience. In another case, it can save money only in theory. In practice, it is more profitable to entrust this stage to the movers from the Space movers company than to buy a new bed or wardrobe later. Our company provides dismantling services from our crew with years of experience. You shouldn`t worry that something will break or be lost (where I’ve put the screws from that bed). Space movers will do everything quickly, and most but not least importantly – with high quality.

Space Movers will take care about disassemble and assembling all types of furniture:

  • Home furniture (sofas, beds, cabinets, chests of drawers, dressing rooms, kitchen sets, tables, chairs)
  • Office furniture (racks, tables, chairs, cabinets)
  • Gym equipment in case it is not fit through the door as is (treadmills, training bench, stationary bicycle, ellipticals, etc.)

Assemble furniture. When is this service need?

You brought new furniture from IKEA or another brand, it could be a wardrobe, bed, or kitchen furniture without an assembly service and you do not risk assembling and installing it yourself. 

In this case, all you need to do is ask Space movers for this type of service and our team will promptly perform the installation of any kind of furniture. Maybe you plan to do a renovation and there is big-size furniture that you want to temporarily fold and move to storage or another room. Our company movers will come, disassemble and help you to move the furniture saving you from these not necessary moves.

How Space movers impact furniture dismantles for you. 

We took apart furniture in such a way that all elements are safe and in the future, you can easily find all pieces to assemble everything back together. The official movers that work in our company will tape all parts together so nothing is lost and it significantly speeds up the further compilation.

Movers are insanely careful with your property. Without any questions, our employees will take off the shoes so your floor or carpets will not get dirty and you shouldn’t worry about any damage to the doors or walls during loading.

Talking about tools, all Space movers come with their own instruments and packing material. Meaning the disassembly or assembly of the furniture will go quickly and smoothly, and at this time you can take a rest.

Feel free to contact Space movers – and be sure you will no longer have reason to say that moving is always a bad day. With our team, the change from one place to another is easy, because a satisfied customer is the main value of each employee of the company.