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Moving company Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere

Moving company Calgary, Airdrie, Chestermere

Moving company in the modern world is a popular and secure provider of services for transporting goods. In particular, “Space Movers” provides moving services in Calgary. Airdrie, Chestermere and other cities of the regions. For our moving professionals, will be a pleasure to help you, whether you want to move one closet from your old apartment or settle the relocation of an entire office to another city, commercial moves, long distance movers – we provide a lot of of services. From one place to another space, where our mission is to pack, load and deliver your property safe and secure.

Moving services and what they include

Moving companySpace Movers” takes care of all the bore associated with the transportation of your belongings, furniture, equipment to anywhere in the country. What we include in moving services that we provide: 

  • disassembly furniture due to relocation and assembly in the new place.
  • covering with the protection of your belongings, furniture, electronics, pictures, fragile stuff, etc.
  • packing our or your truck and helping you with the organization of your belongings due offload (staging). 

We will plan ahead and control all stages up to unloading at the destination.

The moving company completely relieves you of the worries of organizing the move (selecting the size of the truck, amount of movers, miscalculating the time and route), as well as the risk of injury when carrying heavy objects up the stairs.

Space movers is a permanent team of movers and managers who can quickly and efficiently carry out your move. What can guarantees the quality and speed of work, as well as the required safety of your belongings.

In the case of a large order, the moving company Space Movers assigns an individual specialist to work out the nuances and approve all stages with the customer.

Why moving company Space Movers?

For many years, our moving company in Calgary has been helping clients quickly and efficiently carry out apartment, home or office moving, and cargo transportation in Calgary. Our movers worked in the highest-rated moving companies in Canada, naturally, during this time we have accumulated considerable experience with the most problematic situations. We can say with confidence: there is no such task that our crew could not solve. As a bonus, we work for you on weekends and holidays, and even at night! All this in total will allow you to realize the move without compromising working time.

You can find our moving process and book a move with us here!