Long distance moves with Space Movers in Calgary, Alberta

There are a lot of people who like to travel from one place to another. If you are one of them you already experienced moving more than once. In case you’ve only transferred to homes or apartments within the same neighborhood, you should know that moving to a faraway place requires a different level of care and preparation, as well as choosing professional moving companies in Calgary, Alberta.

Long distance move preparation

We would recommend to inspect all your stuff to make sure that you take all your essentials; Remember that it is highly impractical for a return trip should you forget something that’s invaluable to you. In contrast, you should also know what not to bring; do this by taking into account the size of your new home in comparison with the one you’ll leave behind.

If you don’t use some of your belongings or clothes for more than one year, maybe it’s time to donate them or throw them out. You can do the same with old furniture that you don’t like anymore. There are a lot of donation centers or thrift stores that will take everything that you don’t need. 

Be organized while you packing the stuff

It could be very helpful for you and for Space Movers if you will label all boxes. The best option is to make notes on the boxes or bags like: Kitchen, Living room, Dining room, Basement, Bedroom 1-2-3, etc. An explanation is simple, our professional movers will not disturb you too much, by asking where each box should go, they just bring boxes to a labeled place. And for you unpacking will go way faster.

Better to use a professional moving service

We would recommend you book a move with Space Movers. Every member in our crew has years of experience not only in local moves, but specifically in long distance moves. Our movers well know how to do the job, deal with any problems that could appear during a move, and keep your belongings safe and secure.

Overnight Bag

Long distance relocation could be exhausting, so when you get to the destination point you will meet a lack of energy to unpack most of your things. With that in mind, pack a small bag with essentials like clothes and toiletries so you don’t have to dig through several boxes.

Don’t forget to Defrost the Refrigerator

Defrost your refrigerator a day before the move. This prevents any ice buildup from melting and damaging your belongings during transit.

With the help of efficient moving companies in Calgary, along with your own preparation and packing system, you should be able to transport your belongings easily despite the distance that you’ll need to cover.