There are numerous reasons why people are looking for moving help. In the current situation, you probably trying to find a moving helper to or from a storage unit. Some of the reasons why people move storage. Downsizing, de-cluttering of your living space, unexpected obstacles, u haul moving help, or even a couple days gap before your new lease date. No matter what, Space Movers will help moving you with the challenging experience of moving to or from the storage unit. 

There are two major types of storage units that you can think of heated storage units and unheated ones. Both types have their own specific when it comes to maintenance and pricing. 

In our personal opinion heated storage units are the best option. No matter the contents you are planning to move. With heated storage units you can ensure that your electronics. Especially modern plasma TVs, computers, and furniture will not sustain any frost damage. It is extremely important when it comes to the winter season in Calgary when the temperature drops dramatically overnight. Also, it is way safer to move storage where your belongings get 24-hour surveillance. With professional staff which could prevent your items from break ins. 

Moreover, a stable dry environment saves your furniture from excess humidity which minimizes the risk of growing mold and fungus over time. Some storage has 24-hour access. If there is an urgency (an example u haul moving help) or unexpected need to reach out for something – you won’t be denied entering the facility even at night. Overall, it is a perfect storage solution as an answer to your needs! 

Typically, in Calgary, this solution exists in the form of a yard with sea cans or a regular roller-door outside facility. Considering less maintenance expenses, they usually offer bigger units for an affordable move price. This option is a perfect one when it comes to moving during the spring, summer, or early autumn. According to our moving help experience, it is your best choice if you need to store your belongings for a couple of weeks before the move-in lease date.

Choosing this type of storage saves you significant funds. Especially if you are not planning to store any electronic devices or expensive or fragile objects. It is worth mentioning that during the meltdown you can experience excess humidity in the storage unit. In case you are planning to store expensive couches or art it is something important to be aware of. All in all, it is your to-go option if you are renting it for a short term during the warm season.