Movers Calgary to Edmonton

Movers Calgary to Edmonton

In case you are looking to hire Movers Calgary to Edmonton, – you just have found the right ones. There are numerous advantages of relocating from Calgary to Edmonton, with Space Movers! We are experienced professionals and a registered moving company. Space Movers will take care of you from the first contact until your move is finished. No local moving company from Calgary to Edmonton is able to beat our price and level of service!

Relocation Calgary to Edmonton price – how much?

Space Movers is a moving company which always will be truthfull with our customers. You will be aware about everything before you even submit the filled out contact form to get a moving quote. We are able to provide you with a flat rate movers Calgary to Edmonton without ANY HIDDEN FEES. When you see the price from our side, it’s a FINAL price. It includes transportation from A to B, supplies, assembly and disassembly, as well as manpower, fuel and mileage.

You can find above Flat rate movers Calgary to Edmonton:


Apartment Relocation price (2 movers + 1 truck 26”):

$1700 – Relocation Calgary to Edmonton price for 1 bedroom *

$1800 – Relocation Calgary to Edmonton price for 2 bedroom *

$1900 – Relocation Calgary to Edmonton price for 3 bedroom *

House Relocation price (2 movers + 1 truck 26”):

$2000 – Flat rate movers Calgary to Edmonton for 1 bedroom *

$2300 – Flat rate movers Calgary to Edmonton for 2 bedroom *

$2500 – Flat rate movers Calgary to Edmonton for 3 bedroom *

* plus 5% GST

Let’s talk about other benefits of using Space Movers relocating from Calgary to Edmonton

Space Movers crew have almost 10 years of experience. And you will definitely understand why it’s so important in the process. Even when we do flat-rate relocations our movers are always super fast and insanely secure towards your belongings. Space movers always care about your personal time and the safe transportation of your items. Knowledge and great physical shape allow our movers to finish every move efficiently.

Movers Calgary to Edmonton big truck - Space Movers

Relocating from Calgary to Edmonton

Relocating from Calgary to Edmonton has never been so fast and cheap

After moving with us from one location to another you will never imagine relocating without our company. Compare our prices with other moving companie’s quotes to be sure that it’s almost impossible to find cheaper services with the same level of quality. Space Movers will never assign unprepared movers to be in charge of your moving process. Important to mention that we don’t have a practice of misinformation about our pricing just to bait book a move. There are tons of movers who will give you false promises to make the whole moving process for an outstanding price of $600 (as an example). But this price can be valid only if you are looking to do a move on your own, without any professional assistance. If you see a price lower than our company provides, there could be a few reasons behind it:

1. Move is meant to be done by individuals without any experience in moving. As a result, there is a huge chance to face some negative consequences, such as damage to your furniture/ walls/ flooring. Unexpected obstacles such as vehicle breakdowns on the way are something not uncommon as well.

2. Some moving companies do not care much about keeping the information up to date on their websites. In order to avoid being dramatically overcharged at the end of your move, demand providing moving services for the prices that were mentioned. Taking some screenshots of the information listed is always a good idea, as well as getting an estimate to your email, and your request for the price match in written as well (if needed). Obviously, no one wants any confrontations during the moving day, so try to avoid movers with mixed pricing.

3. Make sure that the whole range of moving-related services is covered by a flat rate proposed. Unfortunately, in some cases, you will find an extra charge on your bill. Common excuses are:  “It’s only a one-way price”, “We didn’t add fuel and milage price”, “We charge per weight”, etc. Make sure that you’ve covered all the aspects of your moving process while asking questions (preferably in written). Better safe than sorry 🙂

One more time, the prices that you see above on this page are final and they include everything.

movers Calgary to Edmonton - flat rate

Flat rate movers Calgary to Edmonton

Space Movers – we love our job and we care about every customer 

We are trying to provide the best service for everyone, and that’s why you can see how satisfied our customers are. Our company understands that every move is different and requires an individual approach. Because of that, we have only professional movers with modern equipment to complete any possible task. Our trucks are equipped with power tailgates, and we have 2 and 4-wheel dollies on the bort, a lot of soft moving blankets, and supplies that help our movers protect your furniture. And of course, our movers have all the necessary tools to disassemble and assemble almost everything. Your wish is always our command! 

Relocating can be stressful – Space Movers Calgary will bring a smile to your face

It’s impossible to see any mover from our team sad or grumpy, just because they like their job, and you are probably pretty aware of that 🙂 We are always open to conversions, helpful advice, and tips from your side. If you think that something should be done in a particular way – we will always listen carefully and in the case when that is reasonable we will definitely follow your instructions! Our customers are our MAIN priority and we want you to be happy and satisfied with Space Movers moving service.

Hmm, sounds reasonable! I really want to book a move from Calgary to Edmonton, what is my next step?

You can find the form below on the Space Movers’ website, it’s right here (just scroll down). Please fill out our short contact form with the information required. In the field ” Tell us a little more” you can copy and paste information about your property and a price, for example:  “$1700 – Relocation Calgary to Edmonton price for 1 bedroom”. That’s all, please submit it and we get back to you in the nearest time!

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