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moving from Calgary to Lethbridge

With the rising cost of living moving from Calgary to Lethbridge has become more popular. Being in the middle of a housing crisis across Canada forces people to explore new destinations. One of the most common destinations is Lethbridge, AB. Switching from Calgary’s urban skylines to the peaceful landscapes of Lethbridge is truly a life-changing decision. Space Movers Calgary prepared this short but useful list of the things you should consider before moving from Calgary to Lethbridge.

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Moving from Calgary to Lethbridge involves more than just a change in physical location. It’s a transition to a different lifestyle, climate, and community dynamic. Understanding and embracing the unique features of Lethbridge will undoubtedly contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable relocation experience. Whether it’s the scenic beauty, community spirit, or economic dynamics, the move brings with it a chance to explore and adapt to the distinct features that make Lethbridge a special place to call home.

Explore new work opportunities before moving to Lethbridge

While Calgary’s economics depends on the oil and gas sector, moving to Lethbridge opens to you different leading fields. These are: agriculture, education, as well as healthcare playing significant roles. The relocation might involve switching to a completely different economic landscape, influencing work offers in industries prevalent in the area. It is better to consider your potential work opportunities before turning your life around. Also, based on our personal experience moving from Calgary to Lethbridge is a good idea if you work remotely. For those with distant work, moving to Lethbridge might be a perfect option for saving funds on essential things like rent and groceries.

Experience a significant change in lifestyle

Are looking to slow down the pace of your everyday living? Lethbridge is a destination to consider! Moving out from busy and loaded Calgary streets could potentially bring some peace to your everyday routine. Space Movers Calgary would definitely recommend moving to Lethbridge if you are a “small town” person. Also, you can enjoy the benefits of living in a small community, where everyone cares and supports each other. Quite the opposite is the situation for ones who enjoy colorful nightlife and the convenience big city offers. In that case, moving from Calgary to Lethbridge might not be the best choice. The local community of Lethbridge could be described as a very welcoming and diverse one. There are many organizations that makes it easier for you to adapt to a new environment.

Compare housing listings and prices

Overall cost of living makes moving to Lethbridge an attractive and budget friendly option. Just housing cost alone makes a huge difference. On average, the price for a single detached house in Lethbridge is 40% lower than the comparable real estate in Calgary. What a huge difference, isn’t it? After moving to Lethbridge you might afford a better housing option without breaking the bank. Worth saying that Lethbridge offers a comfortable living with lots of options. Modern loft apartments, a bigger family home, or a picturesque rural farmhouse – if you moving to Lethbridge there are lots of options for you. Reducing the rent –  one of the most significant expenses, will give you more financial freedom to achieve your goals.

Great educational choices in Lethbridge

While Calgary offers a wide range of educational institutions of all possible kinds, the affordability of living there as a student is under serious doubt. Transit costs, expensive shared living, and skyrocketing high tuition fees might make Lethbridge your best choice. The University of Lethbridge, as well as Lethbridge College, are well-established and respected institutions that offer exceptional education. The university provides an inclusive and supportive campus environment, modern facilities, and an innovative approach to obtaining the necessary skills for the industry. For the younger generation, there are lots of schools in the city line (public and private), giving the parents options to choose from. Lethbridge educational institutions attract students from all across Canada as well as from around the world.

moving to Lethbridge

With Space Movers your Calgary to Lethbridge flat rate is always based on:

  • Distance between pick up and drop off location (from 185km to 220km);
  • Dispatch time (time required travel between stops);
  • Number of professional movers involved (team of 2, 3 movers);
  • Size of your property, amount of belongings, access to the truck;
  • Time required to carefully disassemble your furniture, secure it with our soft moving blankets and quality packing supplies, load and unload it into the truck, reassemble upon request;
  • Unique features of your move (special requests we are happy to accommodate);
  • If the packing services are required, if there are any extra heavy objects over 220lbs involved, additional stops;
  • GST 5%

By booking your Calgary to Lethbridge move with Space Movers you ensure that your relocation will go smoothly and with no hidden fees or unexpected additional charges! Our Calgary to Lethbridge movers provide you with free-of-charge usage of wardrobe boxes,  disassembly and reassembly of your furniture for NO ADDITIONAL FEE. Our professional and polite movers are always ready to help you with all the additional requests to satisfy all of your moving needs!

Calgary to Lethbridge movers

“Calgary to Lethbridge movers”

Calgary to Lethbridge movers: Benefits of choosing Space Movers

  • Open and clear pricing. Space Movers Calgary provides transparent and reasonable flat rates with no hidden fees.
  • Personalized approach. Our experience ensures that the moving process will proceed exactly as you anticipate, from start to finish.
  • Responsive and Responsible. Space Movers are always ready to resolve any unexpected situation to overcome any possible obstacle.
  • Exceptional Customer Service. Responsive, friendly, and committed to addressing your concerns throughout the moving process.
  • Licensed and Insured. We are professionals who follow industry standards, prioritizing the safety of your possessions.
  • Inspected Equipment and Vehicles. A wide range of tools and well-maintained trucks ensure the safety and security of your belongings.
  • Bonuses and Freebies. Upon request, we provide you with free-to-use wardrobe and TV boxes, which saves you up to 200$.
  • Prompt and on-time. Reliability is key – Space Movers Calgary always keeps up with your schedule for a smooth transition to a new home.
  • Positive Customer Experience. Space Movers has received 5-star reviews from satisfied customers and a high referral rate.
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Moving with us from Calgary to Lethbridge is a win-win decision! Professionalism, affordability, and reliability are the keys to our customer’s satisfaction. Get your free quote today!

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What is included in our Calgary to Lethbridge flat rate?

Professional Movers CalgaryManpower:

Only experienced movers who follow safety protocols to ensure smooth and secure transition of your belongings.

Disassembly and reassembly of FurnitureDisassembly & Reassembly:

Using our professional tools to secure your furniture during the move and make your life easier upon arrival.

Registered Moving CompanyMoving Services: 

Provided by a registered and insured moving company that places significant importance on maintaining excellence.

Friendly Movers

Healthy Atmosphere:

Maintaining a friendly and polite environment during the move so everyone feels comfortable and well-informed.

Protection for the FurrnitureProtection:

Of your furniture and household items with soft moving blankets and stretch wrap to avoid any damage or stains.

Stress free move

Stress-free move:

Handled by moving professionals to eliminate all the unnecessary stress and pressure for you. We will take care of everything!

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