Moving from Edmonton to Calgary

Moving from Edmonton to Calgary

Thinking about moving from Edmonton to Calgary? Relocation to a different city can be an exciting adventure, as well as a challenging and demanding experience. One of the most important parts of an efficient and stress-free move is hiring reliable and affordable movers in order to organize the whole relocation process in the most productive and low-cost way possible. Space Movers Calgary proved itself to be one of the highest in-demand professional movers specializing in Edmonton to Calgary move, so by choosing us you choose high-quality moving services, a well-organized relocation process, and an affordable rate, – all at once!

Space Movers have a fascinating referral rate from customers who used our services

While browsing the Internet to find any affordable movers options, vitally important not to forget about doing the initial research on moving company reviews and reputation. It is very easy to get lost in a variety of rates, fees, and other charges local moving companies provide. It is a great idea to ask for some recommendations from colleagues, friends, and family who might have had their move done before. Worth mentioning: Space Movers have a fascinating referral rate from customers who used our services before, especially if they have prior moving experience with other local moving companies. Besides, popular review platforms and social media community groups are able to provide you with detailed feedback and other important insights, which potentially can save you both time and money!


Edmonton to Calgary movers – what you need to know

During your research on Edmonton to Calgary movers, we would suggest looking for moving companies that definitely have long-distance moves experience. By hiring well-prepared professional movers, who are aware of all the possible obstacles and specifics of relocations between two cities, you ensure that your transition will go smoothly and with no losses. Only a professional moving crew can give you helpful recommendations as well as secure your belongings properly, so all of your household items will have no damage in the end.

Edmonton to Calgary moving

Relocating from Edmonton to Calgary

Request for an estimate Edmonton to Calgary

It is always a great idea to request multiple written quotes from different Edmonton to Calgary movers in order to eventually make the right choice. While filling out the request for an estimate, try to include as many as possible details, like the date, the type of real estate you are planning to move from/to, any specific details (extra heavy items, special requests), etc. This simple action will eliminate the chance of any unexpected expenses and additional charges you might be not aware of. Also, it is helpful for excluding any moving company with a shady price policy, as some movers might provide you with completely different costs compared to what their website/ad states.

As soon as you have a number of moving companies to choose from, it is necessary to verify if the company is registered, legit, and insured/self-insured. Never a bad idea to try to search a company`s social media and pages in order to see its commitment to the work they do. Also, for the long distance move is better to pass on moving companies with fairly old and poor-maintained vehicles. While operating an old truck, the chance of facing unexpected problems on the Edmonton – Calgary route increases dramatically.

Flat rate movers Calgary to Edmonton

Flat rate movers Edmonton to Calgary

Some advice for long-distance preparation from Space Movers Calgary

Prior to the move, try to maintain a well-organized household environment by packing all the small and miscellaneous items into the moving boxes. At the same time, don’t forget to label the boxes with the most important contents and the desired space. It is going to save you a lot of time upon the arrival to your new place, as well as help to maintain efficiency. Talking about the complex Edmonton to Calgary move, make sure that no belongings are left behind – check the basement, backyard, and garage beforehand to inform the movers on what should be gone or left behind during the loading process.

On the “big day” of the move, it is preferable to be supervising the movers during the loading process – just in case not miss a thing. In case you might not be able to be present on the day of the move, Space Movers are going to take care of everything for you and will not hesitate to ask any additional questions if needed. Our professional movers have strong and polite communicative skills to provide you with excellent results on your relocation. Moreover, in case you might have any additional questions, our office representatives going to answer your requests and calls promptly.

All in all, while doing all the essential preparations prior to moving from Edmonton to Calgary, choosing affordable and professional movers is extremely important for a smooth and efficient transition. Do intensive research, get multiple estimates, and do not hesitate to ask for some recommendations from your surroundings to find a responsible moving company which able to address all your requests and needs. By doing all that and keeping things organized through all the steps, you can be relaxed and relieved from all the stress of moving to your new place in Calgary.

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