MOVING FROM ALBERTA TO BC: how much does it cost to relocate?

moving to bc from alberta on the map

Thinking about moving from Alberta to BC?

Nowadays many people consider this destination as one of the most popular for moving because of various reasons. These might be new work opportunities in Vancouver, a family reunion in Kamloops, or even beautiful views of unique Kelowna nature – there is always something to be excited about. 

No matter why you decided to moving from Alberta to BC, it is better to be fully prepared to make that important and sometimes life-changing decision. In this article, we are going to talk about the most important steps of moving from Calgary to British Columbia!

Moving to BC: Advantages

Prior to starting all the preparation for your move, let’s try to take a look at all possible prons BC has to offer, no matter if you are a young specialist or senior looking for a quiet and peaceful place. 

Beautiful nature

Canadian Rocky mountains soared into the sky, and unique temperate rainforests – there is probably no other place on Earth like beautiful British Columbia. If you prefer to spend your weekends outdoors, moving to BC is probably one of the best options you might have within Canada.

New work opportunities

According to some sources, BC might have less unemployed residents compared to Alberta, so that makes a lot of sense if you are seeking new job opportunities or a fresh start. Moreover, with plenty of new businesses and startups gaining momentum in the province, a great number of existing and new positions are open. Particular fields like IT, cinema production, and the food industry attract more and more specialists each and every day. Overall, moving to BC has a wide range of jobs to be more rewardable and promising compared to the ones AB has to offer.

Dynamic urban life

No matter the location you’ve decided to settle down in, BC has definitely a lot to offer! Kamloops, Victoria, Surrey – there are always a lot of vacationers, and life is in full swing any time of the day. And there is a great reason behind it: every megapolis or even a small village has its own remarkable features.

Quality of teaching

The education system in BC is recognized as one of the most promising and honored on the world stage for a number of reasons. Also, it has some really interesting differences, like a world-acclaimed transfer system. In other words, this system allows you to upgrade your level of qualification to the next one, and move from one tertiary education institution to a different one with no complications. In short, you can be flexible about picking your study path, according to your life and educational targets. Also, BC is a great place to move with your family, as there are plenty of schools and kindergartens, as well as prestigious colleges and universities.

Here we discussed some positive sides of your relocation to BC. Now it is time to take a closer look at your to-do list which needs to be completed prior to moving from Alberta to BC.

Sunset over Vancouver, BC, with mountains in the background

Sunset over Vancouver, British Columbia

Moving from Alberta to BC: Essential Checklist 

Your main goal while moving to another province is to make this complicated process as stress less as possible. Please see some key moments that you should pay attention to right after unpacking your things at a new place.

Register new BC driving license

Right after you’re moving to BC, we would recommend updating your identification information by registering for a new BC driving permit. A quick visit to a local driver’s license institution with an old Alberta plastic and a couple of IDs won’t take long. As soon as you’ve updated everything, the next step is to update the info on the vehicle registration as well.  

Switch your Health Insurance 

With the current COVID situation, it is extremely important to keep all your medical-related data updated. Vaccine certificates, health insurance, and your previous related history should be organized and transferred in an appropriate way. This could be done by reaching out to Alberta Health Care for a detailed explanation of your next steps. As soon as you have all the documentation needed on hand you can easily apply for British Columbia Health Insurance.

Renewing your telephone number/address

With all the errands you need to run after your arrival, it’s very easy to forget about updating your address in multiple important organizations like CRA, banks, a solid number of mobile apps, and other businesses you are receiving important correspondence from. If moving to BC was not planned in advance, a great idea is to visit the Canada Post office to ask for a mail redirection to your new BC address. Last but not least, we would recommend changing your mobile number just for one particular reason. Nowadays an average Canadian citizen receives dozens of unwanted spam and scam calls. If you are meant to contact BC residents by phone frequently it is better to switch your mobile’s area code to a local one just not to raise any suspicion.

The landscape of mountains and forests in BC, Canada

The landscape of mountains and forests in BC, Canada

Moving from Alberta to BC: Life-changing decision

Leaving all your belongings behind while moving to BC is not always a great idea. Let’s face some facts: while Alberta has only 5% GST, at the same time BC requires around a total of GST+PST 12%. And you can definitely feel that while purchasing new furniture to replace all the items you possibly decided to leave behind. Also, even the whole idea of selling all your belongings in fact isn’t profitable as it might seem. Let’s look at a typical scenario we see almost every day. A family, who’s been living in Calgary for years, decided to move to BC. All pretty expensive couches, TVs, beds, wardrobes, home decor, basically everything you can imagine are listed on marketplaces for a reasonable price. Time flies by, and the family is leaving in a couple of days, but no one purchased a lot of things. Custom-made nightstands and dressers, marble coffee tables that cost a fortune, and pricey pieces of art meant to be given away for free. Everything else was sold for a maximum of 20% of the original price paid, so does this loss really make sense? 

At Space Movers, we believe that there is no move worth such sacrifices, as we are able to make your moving to BC process affordable, efficient, and smooth. A new and exciting chapter of your life is waiting for you right around the corner! Space Movers are able to turn your relocation from a serious obstacle to an exciting adventure. We provide long-distance moving services to make your move easy, affordable, and secure. Call us today to get your FREE QUOTE online or by phone. Book your move today and you definitely won’t be disappointed!

Your main goal while moving to another province is to make this complicated process as stress less as possible. Please see some key moments that you should pay attention to right after unpacking your things at a new place.

Prepare for the moving from Alberta to BC

Before packing your household items into the boxes, there are a few things you need to take care of. Let’s take a look at the list Space Movers recommend to keep in mind prior to moving from AB to British Columbia:

1) Make some savings 

Relocation is always a pretty pricey process, no matter if you are moving from Calgary to Kamloops, or just to another neighborhood in the same city. We would definitely recommend starting to put aside some money several months prior. Life is full of unexpected obstacles and you never know what to expect at a new place. These savings might come in handy sooner than you planned. With Space Movers moving services you’re able to save a lot from your moving budget. Simply because our long distance moving price is 25-30% less than the average Calgary moving company quote.

2) Inform everyone about your move

Of course not literally everyone, but people who definitely should be aware of it. These might be your relatives, employer, friends, or even landlord. In case moving to BC is a work-related decision, notify your employer in advance. They might need to ensure that the whole process of your relocation is going to be well-organized and properly accommodated. Also, some people from your environment would definitely be interested in organizing a farewell party. So telling everyone that you are moving from AB to British Columbia in advance gives them time to prepare everything they might have planned. Everyone would agree that leaving on good terms is always better than unexpected disappearance. No one knows how life will turn out.

3) New life – New postal code

Needless to say that sometimes it is way better to update your addresses in person, rather than spending 40 mins on hold later on. We would recommend visiting Service Canada and your banking institution in person before you leave. Usually, it is easier and less time consuming for both parties. Calling CRA prior to your move from Calgary to Kamloops (for example) is always a great idea. Updating your personal contact information typically takes some time, so making the governmental agencies aware would not be redundant. It could possibly prevent mailing correspondence with sensitive information to your old address.

4) Organize your papers

Make sure that all important documents like Social Security Numbers, passports, insurance contracts, and other vital papers are well-organized. Have you checked them already? Well, check twice! That can turn into a real problem on arrival if something is missing. Recovery of some documents requires in-person presence, and you definitely don’t want to spend time traveling back and forth.

5) Find professional movers

In case you are moving to another province, Space Movers recommend hiring our moving company to help with all your moving-related questions. We are offering a wide range of services, which include providing you with all necessary supplies, packing, and safe transportation of your belongings. Our rates for long distance moving are more than reasonable, while the level of service is above and beyond all expectations! Booking with us means hiring professional movers who are going to address all your possible needs without any unnecessary costs!

6) Book your move dates in advance

Long distance moving usually requires a more complex approach, so booking your move beforehand gives you not only great savings but peace of mind. Usually moving companies receive long haul requests several days prior, charging you 15-20% more for the urgency. Typically even without discussing this with the client, these additional costs are already included in their flat rate. Another useful advice is to book your move during the slow season: from mid-October till mid-April. Everybody tends to book their moving from Alberta to BC during the peak season of moving (from May to late September). The prices during this high-demand time of the year are usually higher, so way better is to consider alternative dates.

Space Movers offers you great prices for the moving from Alberta to BC all year round, no matter the season! Please fill out our FREE ONLINE QUOTE, so we can accommodate all your requests and discuss all the details by phone or schedule an in-person visit. You can also book Space Movers packing services which save you a great amount of time and money. 

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View of the bridge in Vancouver BC, Canada

View of the bridge in Vancouver BC, Canada

Anyways, we would recommend getting multiple long distance moving quotes from different local moving companies. This might be helpful when choosing a moving company Calgary that meets your needs and budget. Also, we would strongly recommend requesting in-person visit from a company representative to eliminate chances of delays and unforeseen circumstances during the moving day. Booking Space Movers packing services is a great idea if you want to save a lot of time and get extra protection for your items. This is an important aspect to keep in mind when you are moving great distances.

Space Movers is a moving company Calgary, which always delivers big results. Our professional moving team is always ready to face any possible challenges in order to make your move easy and budget-friendly. Book with us today to choose from various moving services, like residential move, long distance moving, or our fabulous packing services!

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