Moving to Manitoba from Calgary

Moving to Manitoba from Calgary

Move to Manitoba from Alberta

Trying to find affordable moving company to Manitoba from Alberta? Your reasons to relocate might be next. Promising job opportunities in Winnipeg, the allure of a serene lifestyle, or the captivating landscapes, there are irresistible reasons to consider this relocation. Let’s dig into the advantages of your new life.

What other people think about Moving to Manitoba Permanently

Living in Winnipeg is extremely different from living in Rural MB. You should determine what kind of property and lifestyle you want. Some people strongly disliked living in Winnipeg because of crime, overpopulation, limited green space, and tons of cars. However, the majority absolutely love living in rural Manitoba! They love the openness of the life, parks, walking trails, larger properties with fewer neighbors, and the feeling of being part of a small community. There are tons of nice areas in Manitoba that you can visit if you have a vehicle, this province is extremely beautiful, even in the winter. Harsh winters make people appreciate summer.

Is it worth moving to Manitoba?

Already know the type of lifestyle that you like? 

If you counting days to visit festivals and open air events, then Winnipeg is great for that! Folkorama, Folk Fest, Fringe, De Voyageur. Cottage country is something people look forward to all year! From Victoria Day long weekend to Labour Day Long weekend, everyone likes to hit the beaches, stay at a cottage, go fishing, or just relax and enjoy the tranquil beauty of our countless lakes!

Remember to Invest in a good jacket for winter.

  • Your dollars will go further in owning a home and being able to move up if you’re going to start off with a starter home and work up!
  • The economy is diverse, with no bust or boom cycle, so there’s predictability in the job market.
  • Winters are incredible here, its not that you want to read about, its what you want to experience yourself. 
  • There is diverse architecture and population. Many people love seeing the exchange district for the Chicago warehouse-style architecture. And we have building styles from the 1880s to today if that interests you.

Unfortunately, like everywhere, there is a crime problem. Manitoba has been hit hard by the drug crisis, and there is some violent crime here. Some recommendations that work well not only in MB: try not to walk alone for no reason late at night, pick wisely with whom you are drinking at the bar, and try to avoid any illegal activity. Most neighborhoods are wonderful, and many have lots of community groups trying to make it better.

Manitoba also has affordable childcare, auto insurance, real estate, water, hydro, compared to Ontario. So your dollars will go further here, especially if you’re interested in having a family. Our schools are great, and our post-secondary education is affordable too! Parents have no problems with education system for their kids. Whether it’s in the inner city or the suburbs. Schools do amazing work!

How do I transfer my Alberta health card to Manitoba?

We recommend you either:

  • Keep your card
  • Photocopy it
  • Or request an MSP Confirmation Letter

The process of transferring Albertas health card to Manitoba could take up to 3 months.

What is the quality of life in Manitoba?

Quote: “Manitoba is such a wonderfully friendly province. It’s affordable and easy to getaround. In terms of crime, it’s pretty concentrated in a few areas, so you can avoid it for the most part depending on where you live. There’s tons of nature and green spaces and lots of cool places to be in nature just outside the city as well. The pace of life is certainly slower, so if you’re looking for a fast-paced city life, it’s not the one. It is an majestic place to settle down and raise kids. Good luck if you decide to make the move and make sure to try Sookram’s beer if you make it out this way!

Moving to Manitoba Driver's License

The license exchange is straightforward, but you should ask for your Manitoba driver’s abstract from the Manitoba licensing agency to verify your driving record so they won’t treat you like a new driver on your insurance rates. Just keep in mind that insurance works a bit differently in other provinces compared to Manitoba; it’s issued privately rather than by one regulatory body.

Moving to Saskatchewan from another province

Moving to Saskatchewan from Calgary with Space Movers

So you’ve decided to move on? Moving to Manitoba from Alberta with Space Movers.

Moving company “Space Movers” takes care of all the boredom associated with the transportation of your belongings, furniture, and equipment anywhere in the country. Here’s what we include in our 5-star moving services:

  • Disassembly and assembly of furniture due to relocation.
  • Extra protection of your belongings: covering with blankets, furniture, electronics, pictures, fragile items, etc.
  • Help in selecting the truck size needed and organizing your belongings for offloading. Staging everything at your new place – you tell us where you want the table, and we will put it there.
  • Planning ahead and controlling all stages of our route so you know in advance when and where your crew will be.
  • Space Movers consists of a permanent team of movers and managers who can quickly and efficiently carry out your move. This guarantees the quality, speed of work, and the required safety of your belongings.

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