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Space Movers and Packers has a great selection of cardboard boxes and other packing service supplies to securely transport your belongings! Our moving company provides you with all necessary packing supplies to prepare your household items for transportation. Our movers and packers use moving boxes from only trusted suppliers, who proved their products to be the best solution during hundreds of moves. All moving boxes are suitable not only for one-time transportation but for long term storage as well.

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Packing supplies in Calgary

These include: moving boxes, packing service paper, stretch wrap, tape, markers, paper pads, bubble wrap, etc.  And don’t worry about their price! Our cost for the packing supplies, in case you book our packing services near me, is reasonable as if you bought them yourself!

And if you don’t have any spare time to pack everything by yourself  – let us help you out with our packing services near me: professional, fast, and secure! Moreover, it saves you a lot of time (so the money as well) during the moving day, as all your items are already prepared to be uploaded to the truck. As a result, you are fully prepared and will pay less for the moving services!

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Pack like a pro into the boxes for moving

It’s always good to receive recommendations from movers and packers on how to pack your things properly, without any waste of space or risk of damaging something. Space Movers professionals offer a wide range of standard moving boxes to accommodate all your possible needs. Let’s prepare for your residential or commercial move, and remember: better safe than sorry!

Packing service process: household belongings in boxes for moving

Packing service process: household belongings in boxes for moving

Extra small boxes for moving (15 x 12 x 10 inches):

It is the smallest box Space Movers use during the packing service process, and it’s the best option to secure small valuables. It may be: antique or collectible items, small porcelain cups, vases, books, photo frames, etc. 

How to pack them? The only right answer is: tight as possible. Make sure that there is no empty space in a box left before taping it. Better to give special attention to the bottom of the box, to make sure it is not gonna rip.

Medium boxes for moving  (22 x 16 x 15 inches):

Medium-sized box for moving is usually used for packing office supplies, papers, small pieces of art, toys, and kitchen jars. Choosing this box means being on the safe side as most household appliances are a perfect match for this type. 

How to pack them? The bigger it gets – as fewer items should go inside. The best piece of advice is to mix and match completely different items. For example, if you are looking to fill the box with framed pictures, better to wrap them with some kitchen towels or curtains first. Firstly, it will provide additional protection and then you save some on bubble wrap or packing paper.

Standard large boxes for moving (18 x 18 x 24 inches):

Biggest from widely-used cardboard boxes, which is the most suitable pick for light but large objects like pillows, clothing, shoes, and bedding. Also, Space Movers recommend using this moving box for carrying around big and fragile objects (vases, home decor, and heaters). No move is completed without using this one type!

How to pack them? If you are looking to use a large standard box for the transportation of easily-destroyable objects, try to pack them with bubble wrap and then use your comforter or duvet as a cover. No space should leave empty – specifically in the bottom corners of the box. A good idea is to use tape all around both vertically and horizontally after it is full.

Moving boxes for plates:

A dish box is the strongest type, as is typically used for fragile kitchen plates and dishes. Space Movers would definitely recommend using those if you have to transport expensive platters without any possible damage. 

How to place them? Usage of this box requires additional supplies, like packing foam and bubble wrap. We would definitely recommend using this box but for valuable items only, as our professionals are able to secure the rest using regular ones.

dividers for kitchen glass

Small standard boxes for moving (16 x 12 x 12 inches):

The best option for packing the most common miscellaneous home items, like magazines, books, plates, canned food, dishes, kitchenware devices, small electronic devices, food, etc. 

How to pack them? Make sure that the box is not too heavy if you are packing books or journals, as it’s not safe to carry heavily weighted boxes. The maximum recommended weight for this moving box is 17 lbs, so if you want to fill it up even more make sure there are no valuables that can be easily destroyed.

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Wardrobe moving box:

This special box allows you to transport your clothes without folding them. What makes it different from any other box is the thin metal bar located inside, so there is no need to take your outfits from the hanger, – you can just gently hang them inside the box itself. Ideal option for high-end clothing or wedding dress.

How to use it? We would recommend using plastic covers for your shirts and light-colored dresses, as the moving process sometimes can be quite unpredictable. In order to avoid potential stains and grease make sure that all delicate pieces of clothing are not only covered but if there is a possibility – taped or zipped from the bottom.

TV (picture, mirror) moving box:

This is the box, used for packing big framed pieces of art, thin plasma TVs, and mirrors. This box comes in 4 separate pieces so it can be easily adjusted to secure these kinds of items.

How to pack them? It is extremely important not to place belongings into this box without additional protection, like a couple of layers of bubble wrap. Old newspapers might come in handy: crumple them to place into the corners of a box to avoid unnecessary movement.

Glass dividers for dishes:

These cardboard dividers are simple to use for giving your dishes extra protection, as well as opened alcohol bottles, spices, and sauces. It is very useful for transporting liquids as well as open food in tall packaging. The structure of the dividers was made in a special way to support the box itself.

How to use them? The main part of using these dividers to transport your kitchen stuff is to make sure that all the bottles are tightly closed before placing them into the cells. All the jars with jam or honey should be placed not upside down to prevent leaking from the bottom. If you are not sure if the bottle might have some leakage later on – use some stretch wrap to avoid any surprises. When finishing packing the moving box, double-check if all the bottles sit tight with no movement and if there is some – use crumpled paper to fill the spots.

Space Movers are the best moving company for a good reason. We understand that not everyone has the time or the ability to prepare for a move day. Thats why we are offering packing service. Our professional packers will bring all necessary supplies and tools to take care of packing all your belongings before moving day.

Other packing supplies Space Movers use:

  • Permanent marker

One of the most frequently used items during each and every packing process. The importance of black markers should not be underestimated, as it saves a lot of time during placing the boxes into the right spots at the destination. Some people prefer using special tape covered with identification marks (like “Kitchen”, “Master Bedroom” etc) but using markers is more budget friendly and less time-consuming. Great for identification boxes with fragile items inside.

  • Special packing paper

Commonly used to avoid any scratches on your plates, glass home decor, photo frames, etc. No packing should begin without having these packing supplies! It prevents fragile items from unwanted movement while being packed and works in case you need some extra protection in the corners of the box.

  • Bubble wrap

Even better protection for your fragile items!  An additional bubble cushion prevents your valuables in any unexpected situation. Bubble wrap is the best solution to secure small pieces of art, glass bowls, and house decor objects. Also, it can be really useful for giving extra protection to some types of appliances.

  • Anti-static bubble wrap

Must have for packing any kind of electronics, which could be damaged by keeping them away from static discharge. With special “ air lock” technology this type of wrap keeps consistent cushioning, protecting your fragile electronics without adding any additional weight to it. Recommended for wrapping monitors, plasma TVs, laptops, and tablets.

  • Packing tape/sealing tape

Choosing the wrong tape for your packing sometimes could be a disaster. For example, some kinds of tape work perfectly with cardboard boxes while other surfaces like furniture finishings might be destroyed by tearing pieces of paint away. Space Movers would recommend you make a test on the back side of your furniture to see if your tape is gonna work fine with that task. Better safe than sorry! Also, for packing moving boxes brown and transparent tape are the best solutions. If you need to cover something with soft moving blankets  – silver tape might come in handy.

Make sure that all your household/office items are packed professionally and ready for the upcoming move with Space Movers! Save time, and money and make your moving day smooth and stressless. Book our packing service and you won’t be disappointed!

Our packing service includes

packing service with Space Movers Calgary

Space Movers are ready to help you with every step on the way while you decided to move from one place to another. We are ready to help you with relocation from your home, apartment, or office! Our team is ready to handle every part of your move from packing, moving labor, transportation, unloading, and storage. Space Movers crew will bring you stress-free service so you can be sure that each box is packed quickly and carefully so there is zero chance that you will leave something behind.

Our packing services includes:

  • Deliver all necessary packing materials.
  • Furniture disassembly & Furniture assembly.
  • Packing all your belongings in boxes.
  • Extra care of all fragile items.
  • Bubble wrapping art items.
  • Securing and labeling boxes.

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