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Space Movers – company that comes up with moving services in Calgary North area. We would be happy to help you move any type of house property including apartments and office relocation. Right now you found the number one local movers Calgary North and soon you will see – moving is not a nightmare. Space Movers are ready to surprise you with affordable prices and the next level of moving services in Calgary North.

Space Moving Services in Calgary North

Our professional team will be happy to assist you step by step with your relocation process. Choose Space Movers and you won’t even have to lift a finger. Except maybe a few seconds to fill out our Online Moving Quote.

We‘re proud to serve local moving services Calgary North neighborhoods:

Nolan Hill, Sage Hill, Evanston, Carrington, Livingston, Sherwood, Kincora. Hidden Valley, Panorama Hills, Coventry Hills, Stoney 1. Country Hills Village, MacEwan Glen, Sandstone Valey, Country Hills. Harvest Hills, Aurora Business Park, Beddington Heights, Huntington Hills, North Haven, Upper North Haven, Thorncliffe, Skyline West, etc.

Calgary North packing services with SpaceMovers

Our company with professional workers provides packing services on top of the relocation assistance. When you order Space Movers packing service our crew will deliver moving supplies (boxes, shrinkwrap, tape, packing paper etc.) And you don’t need to pay for the time that we spend to buy & deliver packing supplies to your place. You are gonna be charged only for the time that our crew packed your belongings. Plus market price of the packing materials that we used! To read more or book Calgary North packing services click: >> Book Calgary North packing services<< Save your time & money.

Calgary North moving services – Space Movers

We are flexible and relay on your needs, be sure that our workers are super professional and friendly. Calgary North moving services – extra care about every customer’s individual needs. We always can find a way that will work best for you. Calgary North movers always able to find the best resolution for you. Based on huge experience, to minimize any risks and limit your lay-up to as much as we can. For example, our crew will not wait until you arrive, they start to work right away and will bring stuff closer to the door. You can always discuss your plans with Calgary North movers, to let our crew know if you want them to load all your belongings. Or maybe you just want our movers to take only big items and you going to bring all the small stuff on your own.

How much does the moving price in Calgary North?

Space Movers are pleased to give the most understandable moving price in Calgary North on the market. Without hidden lists of extra fees. You can find our moving costs in Calgary North on the main page of the website, click: Moving price in Calgary North

Long distance cost from Calgary North to different provinces

Space Movers provide fixed rate moving prices for long distance. If you want to get the fairest price we would suggest you fill out our Free Online Estimate for Long Distance. After, in a short term, we will send you a written estimate via email from Space Movers. Be sure Space Movers will provide you with an affordable long-distance quote and excellent services from our crew.

Doing the research about long-distance prices?

It is impossible that any moving company will move 2-3 bedroom house with 7 hour drive for $700. You should be aware that those prices do not exist in the current market. So every time when you see a super low price, be aware because the total price will be totally different. Space Movers long distance prices are based on simple factors like the amount of fuel needed to spend from one location to another and return to Calgary, driving time for dispatch of our crew, and hours that our movers will spend to load and unload trucks. In some situations when long distance move will take a few days we also need to cover a hotel for the crew. In total comparing Space Movers prices with other companies you will save around 40% of the money and get excellent moving service that our professional team will provide.

How does Space Movers Calgary North secure your inventory during transportation?

Professional team with professional equipment, that help our space crew finish every move fast and efficiently. It doesn’t matter if the items that we should move (fragile or not) ourmovers will cover all your stuff in a fast and efficient way! Our Space Movers will use a few types of soft-moving blankets that match every specific item. They also will use shrink wrap for soft furniture like sofas. Our trucks are also equipped with mattress bags of all sizes for a reasonable price if you forget to get one by yourself. We do have a tv box and other types of boxes that could help our workers to finish the jobs way faster than other companies do. We could guarantee that you will be surprised how fast and secure our movers can finish a job to the 4th floor only with staircase access. Space Movers will always use any possibility to make everything done in the fastest and most secure manner.

What you can do to help movers finish their job even faster?

Space Movers Calgary North team want to share with you a few tips that cloud help our movers. Be smart with boxes while you pack your belongings. Try to fill them fully, so it will be possible to pile them properly in the truck. It’s always good to put heavy items like books in small boxes, so tape will hold the weight. Fill the big moving boxes with lighter items. In case you need to move the freezer or fridge (especially to the storage) don’t forget to take out the food. If the freezer needs to be moved not far away, from garage to garage, for example, you can leave the frozen food inside (the fridge should be empty in all situations). Our Calgary North movers always take deep freezers with food inside last, so it could stay frozen as long as it is possible.

If you have time and tools you can disassemble big furniture that will not go true a doorcase, bed for example. In the situation when you don’t have time or the required tools to dismantle furniture – leave this task for our Calgary North movers. Our moving trucks are equipped with all types of tools, so our crew can disassemble and assemble anything back upon arrival.

TL;DR. Conclusion or why choose Space Movers Calgary North

Our professional movers have more than 8 years of experience and some of them did their first moves 10 years ago. Calgary North movers with all their experience will save you time, money, walls, and belongings. What is the most important – you don’t get unexpected injury trying to transport heavy furniture on your own. We do provide the next level of moving services for every customer!

Professional Local Movers Calgary North