If you’re in Calgary and planning a move soon, hiring the best movers is crucial for confidence on moving day and managing related expenses. When you search for “affordable and reliable movers” or “professional movers offering low rates and excellent service,” a few considerations can help you choose the right moving company. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of ads and offers! In this article, Space Movers Calgary has compiled the most important steps to ensure a successful move:

Start by searching online with keywords like “movers near me” or “local moving company” in Calgary. This will provide a comprehensive list of professional moving company in your area. It’s a good idea to visit their websites, read customer feedback, and speak with their office representatives if you have specific requests.

Space Movers recommends paying attention to companies with an overall rating of no lower than 4.8 stars. Ratings lower than 4.2 should raise concerns. Your primary focus should be on finding a balance between high-quality service and reasonable rates. Unfortunately, we receive calls daily from customers of other companies who had their moves canceled at the last minute or were ghosted by seemingly “affordable” movers. This situation can be very uncomfortable, so it’s best to steer clear of companies with suspiciously low rates or those lacking a positive reputation, client feedback, or a reliable history of providing professional moving services.

Seek advice from friends or family members about their experiences with local moving company. Nothing beats a good old piece of advice. Valuable insights will certainly aid in making the right choice for the most suitable movers.

Once you’ve compiled a list of potential movers, contact each of them for a detailed price estimate. Provide specific details about your move, such as pick-up and drop-off addresses, the type of property you’re moving from/to, the number of bedrooms, and any unusually heavy household items. Mention if your apartment lacks an elevator and if it’s not on the ground floor. Providing accurate details is crucial for an accurate quote. Underestimating the workload might adversely affect your quote’s accuracy.

When receiving a free moving quote, the company should address all your queries regarding additional charges and fees. Confirm if the use of moving supplies like stretch wrap and moving blankets is included in the hourly rate. Different professional moving companies have varying price rates and terms; therefore, ask as many questions as needed to dispel any doubts.

Once you’ve chosen a specific moving company that meets your needs and budget, review their feedback again. Pay attention to what previous customers say about the professionalism and punctuality of the movers. If particular crew members stand out positively, consider requesting them for your move. For a smooth booking process, communicate with the chosen moving company in writing, preferably through emails. Upon finalizing everything, expect an email confirming your move’s date and time.

Finding the best movers in Calgary demands attention, but the effort will be worthwhile. By seeking affordable, reliable, and professional movers offering quality services, you can ensure an organized, efficient, and affordable move. Investing time in reading reviews, comparing quotes, and asking essential questions will ultimately pay off! Feel free to fill out the “Free quote” request on our main page for high-quality moving services from Space Movers at a reasonable price!