I’m renting truck tips – what is my first step?

Rental trucks tips – don’t have a phone holder, so it’s better for you to buy or borrow one for better navigation. The phone holder should have a sticky part to put on the glass. Check photos.

Navigation during the moving day – all you need.

How to drive a truck without experience?

Usually, people looking to get a truck with a trailer or Vehicle Trailer. In this case, your truck will be insanely long. Short tip while you drive a truck without experience. When you drive try to make VERY wide turns and make them SLOW. 

How much is gonna cost of rental truck?

Popular rental companies charge starting from 75$ to 250$ for a truck daily. The cost of a rental truck is not cheap as everyone expected and you also need to pay for gas. 

What are additional expenses?

All companies which provide rental services also have charges and fees for mileage (from 1.25 – 1.75 per km) as well as for insurance. 

Should I pay for the petrol while using a rental truck?

Yes, and you should keep in mind that some of the truck models consume significantly bigger amounts of petrol/diesel, so it is better to do your research beforehand. Also, it is important to mention that while returning the rental truck to the location or drop off point you need to make sure that the amount of petrol should be exactly the same as during the pickup. Other way you could be faced with additional charges from the rental company (according to their policies). 

What is the best time to drive a rental truck for moving?

Of course, the best season to make that relocation is during the late spring/summer, as the roads tend to be safer for an inexperienced driver. Also, it is better to drive it in the early morning or late evening, as there is less traffic on your route, which causes potential danger of any possible road accident. We do not recommend driving during the winter or late autumn, as there is a STRONG CHANCE of getting into an accident due to weather conditions. These might be: limited visibility during the snowstorms, getting onto black ice (which denies you from using your brakes completely) or getting into the ditch. It is not the best ever experience and could cause harm not only to the vehicle or your belongings but to your health and serious injuries to other drivers. 

If I need to drive 16 hours, should I drive 4h per day, to make everything safer? 

It’s better to do that trip in 2 days max. When you are driving for a few hours eventually you get used to that, but after every long break, you need to remember everything again.

Is it hard to drive the most popular rental trucks?

The most popular rental trucks basically created like a car so adjust everything to comfortable drive. With one not common exception. You have to check two times blind spots when you change lanes, to make everything extra secure. It can always be someone near your driver’s door so you won’t see them in mirrors! Always turn on the signals when you change the line and hold them for at least 5-10 seconds before you make a move so everyone knows what you are going to do. 

How to make fast decisions while driving the truck?

You have to think fast but you should not do fast moves. Don’t be afraid to miss an exit or pick a longer but more strait route. Often, people will let you go on their lane if you turn on your blinker upfront. Use emergency blinkers as well if you get in hard situations like a tight turn or driving uphill-downhill. 

How to make my route as safer as possible?

Go google maps, and check on the real-time view of the map. You are looking for how hard parts of the road look like in real life. Check all big intersections, and try to build the route far from the tight streets and city center. Most important to know the truck height and build the route avoiding low bridges that could be in the centers. Check the signs as well as much as you can.

What if I got into an unpredictable situation and got stuck with a rental truck?

Ask for help from the people to check blind spots when you drive out (at least from hard spots). ALWAYS keep in mind that you can hit someone with your long back! If you are not sure about the turn – put the car on the break and go out to check how everything looks from the outside.

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