Seniors moving company in Calgary: Let us help you on a moving day!

Seniors are excited to move in a new place

Calgary senior moving services specialize in helping golden-ager people relocate from any type of living space to another more sufficient for their current needs. Space Movers are experts in relocating elderly customers with all the possible care and attention they could possibly need! We would strongly recommend us as one of the best senior moving companies, as hiring our professional movers would definitely reduce the level of stress of your loved one as it’s not a secret that peace of mind is extremely important for maintaining the healthy and happy well-being of any senior!

Packing companies Calgary

Also, we would strongly suggest considering our packing services as sometimes it is very hard to organize and prepare everything for the move on your own, so this might save you a lot of time and nerves! 

Space movers provide high-end services to all seniors, whether they are moving in with their family,  into a retirement home, an age-restricted community, a retirement community, another type of real estate, or a nursing home. Our company has plenty to offer and you will understand that Space Movers is the best choice ever! We will help you to get a move of your belongings with no stress, damages to the items, or overcharged bill at the end of the move! 

Golden benefits of our relocation services

We have a simple way to apply for an affordable and secure way to relocate you or your loved ones. Be sure, you would be treated with all the affection and respect you can possibly ask for! Calgary movers prices could be expensive but we can offer great rates that save you time and budget, and they are: 

women helps her elderly parents to pack belongings into the moving boxes

Women helps her elderly parents to pack belongings into the moving boxes

Settling in

Now you’re at your home and about to settle in, what a great time unpacking all boxes! Unpacking after a house move can feel overwhelming, but it’s also could be a very exciting part of settling into your home. It’s the chance to make a new house a home, so we hope that the house moving company in Calgary can assist you to turn this task into a gratifying experience. Whether you need assistance with unboxing large furniture items or are looking for expert advice on where to place each item inside your house, house movers in Calgary can happily provide their expertise and dedication to ensure your house is unpacked and organized properly. Soon, you will have the house of your dreams!

What will you get using our moving services:

  • Moving company quote for free.
  • Excellent customer service. 
  • Professional movers and packers.
  • Extra care of your belongings.
  • Moving supplies (Dollys, moving blankets, shrink wrap & tape, mattress bags, etc.).
  • No time for packing? We do provide packing services in Calgary

We are an efficient, affordable, caring, and responsible moving company with more than 10 years of experience in moving senior citizens safely. With Space movers, your relocation as a pensioner is always fast, secure, safe, and within your budget! Moreover, at the end of your senior move, you will not find any of your furniture or belongings damaged as each of our crew members has years of experience and will exceed your highest expectations!

Our seniors moving process







Advantages of choosing our Calgary senior movers

When you are hiring our Calgary residential movers you can surely have peace of mind as the work is going to be completed with care and professionalism at any stage of it. Each and every customer are important to us so we offer a wide range of household moving services to fulfill any possible requests and complete them at a fast and efficient pace. An individual approach to match your needs is a must for us. Space Movers is a highly-recommend moving company with a professionals-trained and experienced team. Satisfaction of clients – our main priority! As seniors movers Calgary, we always reduce any possible damage so you can avoid any unnecessary stress.

Seniors moving services include:

Professional equipment

Prior to loading and piling the items, we will make sure that all belongings such as furniture, sports equipment, electronics, etc are secured with bubble wrap and thick soft moving blankets in order to provide extra protection during the whole house relocation process.

Loding & Unloading

Our moving trucks are fully equipped to provide safe and secure loading and transportation, no matter the volume of belongings or their weight. Our movers are fully equipped with professional tools, so everything will be completed in a timely manner.


Before packing your items and securing them in the best possible way, our team will disassemble all the dressers, beds, sofas, etc in order to relocate them to your new living space. 


After reaching the destination point our professionals will make sure that everything is reassembled properly and all the house furniture stands exactly where it belongs, so you can begin a new and exciting chapter of your life with no extra movements or stress.

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