Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions

  1. After the Customer fills up the online form here, our team (Space Movers) will prepare an estimate as carefully as possible in the shortest time. Online Estimate is based on the next factors: property type, the distance between the locations, amount of stops/loads, walking distance, required disassembly, and reassembly, access to the building, etc. An online estimate is also based on the expectation that the customer’s place of residence/business will be correctly packed (Footnotes *A) and ready for the movers when the Space Movers team arrives. Exception only when packing services will be provided by the Space Movers team (and was agreed via email upfront the booking process). The free online estimate (moving quote) provided by the Space Movers agent should not be considered any sort of commitment other than rates, additional charges and fees. The final total to be paid by the customer is to be accordingly adjusted to the time that the move took (plus other important features).
  2. Space Movers have a minimum booking charge which is two hours of labor plus a one-time truck fee (for the local moves in the Calgary area, Footnote *B). Time that goes after two hours will be billed accordingly with 15-minute increments. 
  3. There is a $60 fixed fee for moving oversized and/or heavy items exceeding 220 lbs, such as but not limited to: pool table parts, air hockey tables, safes, hot tubes, treadmills, and ellipticals, except for pianos. For items that exceed 400 lbs, additional fees may apply. Please inquire about fees from the Space Movers agent. We are not moving items over 500 lbs due to safety concerns. 
  4. An additional piano fee of $400 will apply when moving a piano. A minimum of 3 movers will be required to avoid property damages and personal injuries. Space Movers team does not specialize in piano transportation (we do not provide any type of grand piano relocation service), if you want to know more, please contact our representative. We will ask you to provide a photo and weight of the piano with the details of the number of steps at the pick-up and drop-off location with other additional information. 
  5. Space Movers requires a deposit in order to confirm your booking (conditions apply). 

5.1. For a long-distance move, a deposit in the amount of $200-$1000 will be required.

5.2. For a local move in the Calgary area, a deposit in the amount of $100 will be required.

5.3. For the security deposit Space Movers accepts the following methods of payment:

-Email transfer: Please send an email transfer to spacemovers.ca@gmail.com with a note of your full name and the moving date. 

-Payments with Debit or Credit Cards. Ask for the details from the Space Movers representative. Please, note that Credit cards have a 3% transaction fee. 

Additional information:

-Security deposit is fully refundable if/when an appointment is canceled with at least 72 hours advance notice (in written form via email).

Deposit is fully credited towards your final service bill if/when:

-A moving/packing/service date is rescheduled with Space Movers for another date and the time (according to Space Movers availability to provide the service. In case where the customer would like to reschedule for the day and time, that is fully booked – the security-deposit is not refundable).

-A moving/packing/service date is changed no more than one time.

-The deposit will be paid if/when the above conditions are not satisfied.

-The deposit in full towards the final bill, which will be due upon completion of services.

  1. The payment is due upon completion of each day’s services. Space Movers do not offer any option to postpone the payment. Customers should pay the remaining balance for the services provided on the spot, right after the job is done. 
  2. In the nonpayment situation, the customer agrees to pay interest to Space Movers at the rate of 5% per month (no more than 40% annually on any past-due balance). The customer agrees to pay expenses incurred by Space Movers in seeking payment, including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees.
  3. When a customer pays with a credit card for the service, a 3% credit card processing fee will be applied.

  Cargo Protection

  1. Space Movers provides complimentary BASIC cargo protection for every move.  

-Space Movers liability is limited up to $0.60 per pound weight of the damaged items under this basic coverage.

-Premises Protection coverage is also provided COMPLIMENTARY. A Space Movers crew lead will complete a walk-around at every location before starting the work. If Space Movers crew caused any damages to the premises (walls, floors, handrails), Space Movers will assume full responsibility. The Customer must document any damages in writing, get that signed off by the crew lead, and email the damage report to spacemovers.ca@gmail.com before the Space Movers crew departure. No late damage claims to the premises will be accepted and/or compensated. 

  1. Replacement Value Cargo Protection coverage is an option for moving services and storage. This coverage is only available upon request at an additional fee:
  • This coverage means that if a damaged item cannot be repaired, it will be replaced with a new one of like kind and quality at the current fair market value. Coverage is limited at an agreed-upon valuation cap of $10 per pound weight (at $0 deductibles), but not exceeding a maximum of $2,500 per individual damaged item. This coverage cost will be calculated at a rate of $5 per every $1,000 of the declared total value. For example: If the total replacement value is $100,000 (based on 10,000 lbs cargo weight), an additional Replacement Value Cargo Protection cost of $500 will be due prior to the moving.
  • Items of extraordinary value – A protection coverage for items valued at over $2,500 individually can also be purchased ONLY when Replacement Value Cargo Protection is purchased for the entire load. The items of extraordinary value must be listed separately on an inventory list (item, description, current fair market value) and emailed to spacemovers.ca@gmail.com prior to moving. This coverage cost will be calculated at a rate of $15 per every $1,000, and an additional EOV coverage cost of $150 will be due prior to moving.
  1. Constructionally weak items / structurally not strong furniture – Space Movers shall not assume responsibility for damages to items that are fragile/structurally weak, only if there are evident signs of external physical harm directly caused by Space Movers as a result of undue care handling and/or moving that item. Some of the items an examples, but not limited to simulated wood, particle board, or pressed board furniture. Goods and materials listed above are structurally weak and typically cannot be repaired. If this items are not contracted to pack to moving, Space Movers shall not be held liable for damages caused to items that needed to be disassembled before handling/moving to avoid damages.
  2. Electrical Goods / Electronics – Space Movers shall not be held liable for internal damages to electrical goods, in case if there no signs of external physical damage can be seen. Some types of electronics or electrical components may develop unavoidable faults no matter how carefully handled and transported. 
  3. Appliances (surfaces)  – Space Movers shall not be held liable for any dents or scratches on major appliances. Appliances are covered by thin metal that has an extreme affinity to dents and scratches. Because of that, they were transported with extreme protection from the factory.  
  4. Appliances and Items that contain water – must be drained out and emptied before the moving day (refrigerators, freezers, fridges, waterbeds, aquariums, etc.)
  5. Delicate or Fragile items – dishware, porcelain, glasses, mirrors, pictures with frames, lampshades, and specialty items are not covered if not packed by Space Movers with appropriate packing materials (More in note A). Please, be sure that the Space Movers crew will take an equal amount of care and diligence to ensure that your fragile items are moved as safely as possible. 
  6. Items in boxes – Space Movers shall not be held liable for damaged boxed items that were not packed by the Space Movers team. It is the Customer responsibility to inspect the boxes for signs of external physical damages caused by Space Movers upon delivery. All extremely damaged boxes must be inspected prior to the moving crew’s departure and in the crew’s presence. Any damages must be documented and acknowledged with a signature by the crew supervisor and emailed to spacemovers.ca@gmail.com prior to the crew departure. 
  7. Self-inspection – It is the customer’s responsibility, before finishing the moving process

9.1. To inspect their belongings for reassurance that those were delivered in full and in good condition. 

9.2. To inspect the back of the truck for reassurance that nothing was left behind. 

  1. Lost or missing items – when delivery of goods is scheduled NOT on the same day of the pickup, the Customer is responsible for creating a detailed inventory list of the goods (full inventory), getting it acknowledged with a signature by the Space Movers crew supervisor upon completion of truck loading and email a copy of the same inventory list to spacemovers.ca@gmail.com by the end of the day when pick up is completed. Space Movers will not be liable for any missing items that were not on the inventory list. 
  2. Downtime situations – any/all downtime is billable (waiting for the key/code for property, elevator setup, traffic jam, customer inspecting belongings, wait time for the payment, etc.). Time spent by Space Movers crew on breaks is not billable unless the Customer chooses else. 
  3. Valuables – Space Movers shall not be held liable for miss or damage to checks, accounts, bills, evidence of debts, letters of credit, passports, tickets, documents, manuscripts, notes, engineering plans, securities, currency, money, precious stones, USB/hard drives, jewelry, or other similar valuables. The client shall take full responsibility for moving the above-mentioned valuables by him/herself. 
  4. Dangerous tasks – Space Movers shall not be held liable for damages caused by non-routine moving process including but not limited to standing pieces on the end, sharp/tight turns, packed work areas, difficult/narrow stairways, snags/rocks, and sharp edges in work areas and doorways, handing over balconies, railings, etc, unfinished construction, tight squeezes, and damage caused by weather. 
  5. Damages that are unavoidable cannot be covered – damages that are caused because of the object’s dimensions compared to the size of a hallway, door frame, staircase elevator, or similar. Movers will attempt to move such items, but damages may happen. Customer must stop the movers if deemed unsafe or risky. If movers are moving an item and there is a snag on a door frame or stairwell and it nicks or tears an item, Space Movers shall not be held liable for such damages.
  6. The presence of the customer during the moving process – the customer or his/her family member is encouraged to be present throughout the entire move. A crew will point out any damages, visible scratches on furniture, or marks that the Customer may have overlooked. If the Customer is absent to witness the entire process, then the Customer automatically accepts the items in the condition in which they will be delivered. In that particular case, Space Movers shall not be held liable for any missing or damaged items, or items that were not moved.
  7. Loss of Value – Space Movers does not cover, under any protection plan, any loss of value due to damage and subsequent repairs. 
  8. Limits of Liability – Space Movers shall not be held liable for damages to or loss of a complete set or unit when only part of such is damaged or lost, in which event Space Movers shall only be liable for the damaged piece(s).
  9. No liability – Space Movers shall assume no liability whatsoever if Customer chooses to assist or interfere in any part during the moving process. 
  10. Disclaimer – Space Movers will not guarantee the assembly of any items that are new in the box unless agreed upon in advance. It is recommended that the customer consults with a Third Party specializing in assembly services for such items.
  • Space Movers does not guarantee to assemble already disassembled furniture unless agreed upon in advance. It is recommended that the Customer consults with a Third Party specializing in assembly services for such items. 
  • Space Movers does not guarantee to assemble already disassembled furniture, unless a manual or another guidance is provided. 
  • Space Movers does not guarantee to assemble certain furniture items, such as furniture composed of MDF, particle board, compressed wood chips, etc. 
  1. Space Movers shall not be held liable for risks associated with the assembly/disassembly of baby cribs, water beds, tanning beds, gas appliances, pool tables, or pianos.
  2. Space Movers shall not be held liable for risks associated with wall-mounted screen TVs or removing TVs from the wall mount, screwing/unscrewing items on/from walls and ceilings, plugging/unplugging washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, freezers, fridges. Space Movers recommends customers disconnect and drain appliances before crew arrival. 
  3. Space Movers will not hold any responsibility for the electronic devices such as, but not limited to: TV, furniture, pictures, appliances, etc which were packed by a customer before the crew arrival, making it impossible to inspect the item for existing damages. 

Claims process 

  1. Walk true at every location supervised by the Space Movers crew leader with the Customer to identify any or all pre-existing major damages caused by Space Movers crew, including but not limited to walls, railings, corners, sealings, floors, elevator, furniture, etc. 
  2. Customer must document any/all damages in writing, get that signed off by the crew leader, and email the damage report to spacemovers.ca@gmail.com before the crew departure. No late damage claims will be accepted and/or compensated.
  3. The customer assumes full responsibility for the following, but not limited to:
  • Structurally weak items and glass are transported at less than 15 degrees Celsius outside.
  • Bulky or/and heavy items carried through narrow hallways, door frames, and staircases.
  • Customer belongings NOT boxed/packed/crated by the Space Movers team (for example but not limited to: dishware, porcelain, glasses, mirrors, framed pictures, lamp shades, specialty items etc.).
  • All appliances, electronics, TVs, monitors, etc.
  • Damages not documented and/or acknowledged by the crew supervisor before crew departure (including goods packed by the customer before the crew arrival, see Cargo Protection 22).
  1. Unless all due invoices are paid in full on the spot. 


(A*) The term “properly packed” considers the following: all loose items packed into like-sized boxes. All fragile items and glassware are packed into like-sized boxes with items individually wrapped with packing paper and/or bubble wrap. All packed boxes should not weigh over 45 pounds each, or a box weight rating whichever is less. All boxes with fragile/delicate items must clearly be labeled as “Fragile”.

In the situation when the Customer packed the furniture before the Space Movers crew’s arrival, it impossible to detect and inspect weak or fragile parts – Space Movers will not take any responsibility for possible damage caused by the absence of proper instructions on handling the item, absence of proper labeling. Every piece of large furniture (i.e. beds, sofas, and specialty items) should be disassembled.

All packed boxes require to be labeled with room designation at the “moving to” address. Every large furniture item with drawers and other moving parts should be shrink-wrapped.

All large mirrors, paintings, pictures, and/or glass pieces should be bubble-wrapped, blanketed, boxed or in a combination. All pillows, cushions, etc. should be packed into plastic bags and/or tall wardrobe boxes. Floor lamp posts should be detached from their heavy bases. Light bulbs should be removed from all lighting fixtures and placed in a box. Lampshades should be packed separately in boxes. 

All loose items shall be bundled together as much as practical using shrink-wrap and/or tape, blankets. All of above preparation steps are required to facilitate the loading and unloading of a moving truck. Should these steps not be completed before the Space Movers crew arrival, the moving could potentially take longer than originally estimated or quoted.

(B)* For the local services within Calgary and the area, a one-time truck fee of $140 will apply. The truck fee covers, fuel, mileage, supplies used as well as basic cargo insurance. Individual flat rates will be applied for the moves that start or end over the city line. Hourly rate is not applicable for those type of moves.