In case you often change an apartment or you are facing such a case as a house move for the first time, we have some handy advice and recomendations for you. The mission of Space Movers company is to make the transportation of your belongings fast and comfortable.

Tips for apartment moving:

Make sure you start preparing for the move-out upfront. It’s better to begin planning your move a few weeks early on your desired date. You could move some of your items by yourself. For example loose and small items so they will not be on the way during the move. Pick a professional moving company, consider with whom you can leave children or pets during the move.

Always better to get rid of some old or unnecessary belongings. Like closes that you don’t plan to wear anymore, interior items that you don’t like, old furniture, or electronics. Preparation for the move could give you an amazing opportunity to find items that you don’t like anymore. You can sell everything via the internet or in the garage sale, in addition, you will save time on packing and unpacking during moving day.

Buy packing materials. Space Movers could deliver all necessary packing supplies to your house or apartment. However, if you have enough time you can do it by yourself make sure you have boxes of all sizes, tape, bags (big garbage bags can hold lots of stuff) and shrink wrap. Try not to use too small boxes. It could save your time because movers don’t need to do a lot of extra steps and unpacking will be way faster. 

How to order an apartment move in Calgary

If you have worked through all the above points and are going to move in the near future, Space Movers will be happy to help you with your move to a new place. You can call us or book the move online and order packaging and apartment moving.

We work – you rest!