Space Movers Calgary: “Did you know that there is a holiday called Moving day. Which traditionally takes place in Quebec on the 1st of July?”

That’s right: every year Quebeckers take special pride in being different from the rest of Canada. Often, these variances can be fairs or cultural honoring. More likely it can be as special as a designated special moving day around the province. 

But if you’re not being a part of this mass celebration and targeting to complete your relocation as soon as possible. Here are a few useful tips from Space Movers that can make your moving day easier and less stressful.


  • Make sure that you have nice and sturdy cartoon boxes. As well as Space Movers providing you with all the high-quality supplies you might need you can also make a quick evaluation of your belongings prior to moving day. In case there are some specific sizes or extra-fragile goods that in your opinion might need extra care. Our team member always handles your items with responsibility and attention to every detail. But if there are some valuables that are very important to you – packing them by yourself can give you peace of mind.
  • Use your luggage and laundry baskets for transportation of non-fragile goods like books, clothing, or shoes. Save a tree and some space inbox as well! 
  • Put important items that you cannot make it without aside. For example, we always tend to mix all sorts of items in the boxes. And when it comes to charging your phone at the new place you might find out that it’s buried somewhere you have no idea about. So it is a great hint to make a separate bag of electronics, keys, and working papers if you are aware that they might come in handy shortly after. 
  • Separate essential boxes to be loaded in the last place, closer to the ramp. Put aside some crates that might be useful right after the move, like food, bedding, or electronics.
Labels on boxes for moving day
  • Color code the boxes. Some people might find it a bit frustrating to use color coding instead of just placing a handwritten mark on the side of the boxes. Meanwhile placing a particular color or tape for the designed living area saves a lot of time when it comes to unpacking. Easier for you to identify the designed zone right away by seeing the appropriate color of the box, without any effort spent on reading each mark identifying inside contents. 
  • Take some pictures of the cord setups beforehand as re-connecting all the cables might be challenging even for professionals. Also if you have modular paintings, decorative bookshelves, or wall photo frames placed in a particular way and don’t want to change a thing – that life hack is extremely useful! 
  • Place piles of handing clothes right into the garbage bag. Then tighten it up near the hanger base – that way you’re saving a lot of space in the boxes and will not get any additional wrinkles on the delicate fabrics. 
  • Take the drawers out, fill them with light-weighted clothing and wrap it up. Leaving heavy or fragile items inside your nightstands or dressers is always a bad idea. When it comes to the transportation of furniture. Not only the goods inside might receive damage. But also some of the furniture pieces are not designed to carry such weight while being transported.
  • Have your screws secured? In case you are disassembling your furniture on your own. Make sure you have a plastic bag of all screws, hardware, and bolts locked and place with tape or shrink wrap directly to a designated furniture piece. It is always a better idea to leave this process to our professionals. That way you can be sure that nothing is lost or missing. 
  • Pack your plates using disposable plates as a separator. Securing glass kitchen plates with newspapers, bubble wrap or packing paper can be a long, boring, and complicated process as well as a pricy one. Cups, glasses, and fragile kitchenware can be secured with household linen. Such as: pillowcases, towels, or curtains (but keep in mind that this particular hack can not be used for securing thin glass items like wine glasses). 
  • Start to get rid of the items you will not take with you in advance. Have an old broken fan? Fitness bench that’s sitting covered in couple-year dust? Baby crib which belongs to your teenage kid? Hamster cage with no hamster detected? Look around and decide which items are not going to a new place. Start to give them away in advance. Not only will you free some space in the new home but also help those people who really need it. This simple move can save you a lot of time and money.